TOP Beauty products – December


Happy New Year!  In this post I have decided to share my favorite products of December from my cosmetic bag.

  1. Elemis moisturising mask. Applying it once per week during the winter season helps to prevent my skin from being too dry. I usually apply it in the evening at the clean skin and leave it overnight. I would personally not recommend to use it during the summer because it is too heavy.
  2. La prairie eye cream SPF15. I was searching for the eye cream with SPF for a while and finally found this one. It has a creamy texture that is good for winter period. If you would like to start combatting your first wrinkles this is a right product.
  3. MARVIS toothpaste. They have several types of toothpaste with different tastes. Before holidays I usually use whitening one, another my favorite is Jasmin toothpaste. Since I started to use it about two years ago, I do not have the sensitive tooth problem anymore.
  4. Institut Esthederm Eau Cellulaire Spray.  Apart from using it to refresh my face and fix the makeup I used to clean the moisturising or nutritious mask with the help of this water spray. If your skin is very sensitive I also recommend to apply it instead of tonic.
  5. Sisley Emulsion Phyto-Aromatique. The Botanical Eye and Lip Contour Complex. The emulsion is designed to reduce the first  signs of aging in the area around the eyes and lips. Having the same target as la prairie eye cream, it is more sensitive to your skin and produce visible positive effect in the long run. It is my eyes night emulsion for everyday use.


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  1. Your photos are incredible, what do you use to take them?❤❤

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  2. This topic will always be a girl’s favourite…Now coming to the writing part-try to describe the points in a more cheerful manner that will provide a lovely read ..

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  3. Indeed the most favourite topic of the girly gossips…coming to the writing part-i feel this post would look more presentable and lively ,if you add some cheerfulness with the thorough description..good start anyway..

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