TOM FORD – Is It Worth It?


If you like luxury products you probably already have or at least tried Tom Ford (TF) beauty products. The price that you pay for it is definitely higher than for average high quality brand. I can’t say that Tom Ford cosmetics are better than other cosmetics in luxury brand category, but the key is in details – like product texture, handy eye brushes, wrapping and so on.

Lip color

It doesn’t matter what you prefer – lip stick, lip gloss or something in between, you will be able to find your dream color for sure. I could tell you from my experience that TF colors look very good and it is a pleasure to wear it.

My first Tom Ford purchase was Ultra Shine Lip Gloss (color – Wet Violet) and I have never had so many compliments on my lip color ever. The color looks so reach and has so nice brilliance that you feel absolutely amazing wearing it.

Another lipstick that I have right now is Patent Finish Lip Color (color – Orchid Fatale). I don’t know how to name this product because it is something in between the long-lasting lipstick and the lip gloss. I am wearing it on special occasion events and it looks great. For me the color is too dark to wearing it on everyday basis, but it is awesome for evenings out.

It is funny because I usually prefer nude, transparent plum or quiet colors of red but with TF I went for more dark and reach colors. And I really love it.


The Tom Ford EYE QUAD I have is probably special edition eyeshadow palette since I can not find it on TF website anymore. It is very similar to GOLDEN MINK eye quad but with all colors having shimmering effect. Although the colors in the palette are the colors that I used to wear on every day basis, this shimmering effect  makes the eyes more bright and dark that stops me from using it during the day. I don’t know what I was thinking about at the time I bought it but definitely not about everyday make up :-). At the end of the day I would like to have another TF eyeshadow for every day use since I am absolutely satisfied with the quality and long-lasting effect of my shimmering eyeshadow palette.


First time I bought Ultra Length Mascara, that gives extra-long extension and deep black color. I was 100% satisfied with my purchase and decided to buy this mascara again. However because I was in hurry while shopping in the airport next time I mistakenly took waterproof mascara (Waterproof Extreme Mascara). It was a big surprise when after wearing it for the first time I could not clean it from my lashes. Moreover at 11 pm it was challenging to find any store that sells makeup remover opened :-). Anyway – both mascaras are extraordinary long-wear (really!) and give the effect of dark and long lashes.

Eau de parfum

TOBACCO VANILLE is my all times favorite eau de parfum. I have never used the same parfum for so long time. Although it is pricy, it is unisex and you can use the same parfum with your boyfriend like I do!

It stays in “Oriental Spicy” category and has scents of tobacco, vanilla and cocoa. I am not gonna lie that I am a big fragrance expert because I am not, however I could precisely distinguish the good and high quality parfum from the cheap and low quality one.

When I first bought it in January some years ago I thought to use it as a winter season parfum. However later I can not refuse myself to use it in the summer because I can not imagine myself wearing other parfum. Probably I will change my mind one day but for now  I am in love with TF Tobacco Vanille!

I’d like to try TF makeup base and foundation. Do you have any suggestions for the combination skin? I would appreciate if you write your reviews in the comment section below. Many thanks!




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  1. I really want to try TF products as they look gorgeous but they are so incredibly pricey! Love your post ❤

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  2. I would love to try TF beauty too! great post! x

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