Packing for ski holiday or Fashionista challenge


file-15-01-2017-22-27-15Hey! My ski holidays is coming! I’ve been waiting it for so long! My final destination is Les 2 Alpes in France, but we’ll also visit some cities in Italy. I like skiing but I am definitely not a great skier. I’ll try my best and hope to stay enthusiastic also after seeing the mountains :-). Usually it takes half day to get used to it before I’ll feel comfortable. This time I decided to take the ski lessons from professional instructor, I’ll let you know how it goes.

Now it’s time for check-in, printing out the boarding passes and packing. I have to admit that packing for holidays is a great challenge for me. On the one hand I always have some things with me that I don’t need, but on the other hand I always need something that I left at home. I was born under the sign of Libra, that’s why I am in trouble deciding what to take with me, even though I have quite organized closet.

Because it is winter and I am going skiing, I have to take more stuff than I would usually do. Apart from the universal things that I will take with me for sure, I’d like to share with you my travel essentials packing list.

My travel bag essentials:

  • Creams (day/ night/ eyes/ body)
  • Shampoo, volume hair spray and hair dryer 
  • Makeup (foundation, mascara, lipstick, eyebrow liner)

These are absolute must-haves for me. I realize that I could buy everything in the country where I am going to, but I feel more confident when I have those things in my luggage. What I usually do – I buy the smaller versions of my favorite products and keep them for travel. If this is not possible, I buy small tubes and fill them up with my creams, shampoo, conditioner, etc. You could even buy the tubes with the beautiful signs “shampoo” or “conditioner”. It is one time investment but you can use it for a long time and it looks so cute.

  • Magazines. I am not a big fun of magazines, but travelling is a nice time to read some articles in Vogue or Bazaar. This time I’ll go to France, therefore I am going to buy a few magazines in French there.
  • Book or Kindle. I am a bit old-fashioned in this regard, so if I have a choice to buy hard copy of the book I’ll go for it. But I am working on becoming more eco-friendly 🙂
  • Selfie stick. Imagine yourself in one of the amazing places in the world and no one around… Or someone without knowledge how to take photos. These are two reasons why I like to have selfie stick in my travel bag.
  • Pajamas. With my pajamas I feel everywhere like at home.
  • Cross-body bag. I prefer to feel safe while travelling therefore I am always aware of where I put my wallet and how much money I have with me.
  • Evening outfit. You’ll never know… I always take at least one evening outfit with me – even if it is ski holidays, I am sure I’ll have a chance to go for a dinner to a restaurant. P.S. I don’t want to look like a tourist there :-).
  • My family photo. I like to feel the presence of my family when they are far away.

This is it! I think that everyone has their own travel-packing list.

I am wondering what are those things that you always take on your travels?

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  1. Wow sounds like an amazing trip! :)Teresa

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