YSL Beauty – Proven Values and quality ​​that do not change over time


Hello beauty lovers! How the things are going? Finally I am ready to share with you my review about YSL beauty products that I love a lot.

I have been using YSL beauty products for years and that already means a lot! Started with mascara, I slowly moved to other YSL products for eyes makeup like eyeliner, pencil for eyebrows and eye shadow. At the end of the day, I also have lipsticks and even foundation :-).

I had a chance recently to wear the make up that was made by professional YSL artist. While working she gave me very useful tips on how I could make professional makeup at home and what products are best to use for my skin type. That explains why I have many YSL beauty products. I’ll leave these tips for later post, because today I’ll write about my current YSL favorites.

Before that I’d like to explain why you don’t see YSL mascara on the picture above. Although I like YSL mascara, last time I bought it something went wrong and it was lasting only about two months. Probably I got the old one, otherwise I can’t explain why the quality was not as usual.

So, Eye shadow – currently I have the eye palette with two colours (yellow + violet), but the truth is that my preference for colours changed over time and now I would better go for something more classical. But anyway it doesn’t change the fact that the eye shadow is a high quality product.

Volupte sheer candy lipstick – I have it with my initials on it and it makes this lipstick very special :-). The colour is absolutely lovely, it seems to be dark berry, but on lips it will not give such a dark effect, only transparent gloss.

Gloss volupte lip gloss – absolute ‘like’ to it, it makes the wet effect on your lips. This lip gloss is non-sticky, that is the great benefit because I hate the sticky feeling on my lips.

Touche éclat slogan edition – this is the product that replace 8 hours of sleep and have 3 slogans like ‘I am not a morning person’, ‘No need to sleep’, and ‘All lights on me’. OK, these are only slogans, but it works! Although I usually sleep at least 7 hours during the night, sometimes it is difficult to fall asleep or it happens from time to time that I go to bed too late. After bad night sleep I always use YSL Touche éclat and I my skin looks great or at least as usual (however I feel sleepy during the day – YSL Touche éclat can’t help here unfortunately).

Fusion foundation – this foundation is very light and easy to apply. The only thing that I would like to change is adding the SPF protection to it.

Couture kajal eyeliner – you have to practice how to apply it, otherwise it is great.

Dessin des sourcils (eyebrow pencil) – you can’t see it on the picture above, because I used it so heavily, that it became very small and I have to replace it very soon. It is my third YSL eyebrow pencil and I think that it is worth the money it costs.

Black opium eau de parfum – I got this small eau de parfum as a present in the shop and it always stays in my bag, because the size is so good for it! However my favourite fragrance from YSL is Parisienne, I had it several years ago and I can still remember the odour that reminds me of Paris :-).

While writing a post I checked YSL website and realised that they have so many new beauty products. Would love to hear from you if you tried them! Cheers..

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