Wardrobe detox


TOM FORD boutique in Milan


Hello ladies! It is the beginning of the year and that fact inspired me to clean my closet. So, now I’ll try to inspire you to do the same thing 🙂

Would you love to have your wardrobe looking like the high-end boutique? I am not thinking about the expensive clothes (I’ve seen the wardrobe full of designer clothes looking like a mess), I am thinking about wardrobe organisation, how you take care of your clothes and how often do you make the wardrobe detox. There are no doubts that if in your closet is only the clothes you like and everything is logically stored – by outfit, by color, by category (dresses, blouses, trousers etc.), that could make you happy :-). In theory you would no longer have the problem of “nothing to wear”. However the reality is not so perfect :-).

The difficulty for me to keep my wardrobe clear of clothes I don’t wear is getting rid of these clothes. What I usually think (I’m sure some of you have the same thoughts :-)):

  • I would probably need “IT” in the future
  • I paid a lot of money for “IT”
  • “IT”is almost new or I had no chance to wear it
  • My size would probably change
  • What if my financial situation changes and so on…

I think it’s familiar for everyone :-).

After reading many books, watching TV shows and YouTube bloggers about wardrobe organization I finally decided for myself that I have to get rid of unnecessary things and stop collecting those things.  The motivation for keeping unnecessary staff in your closet is false. You have to think positively, like why would I have less money in the future? Be logical – you are growing, studying/ working in order to be financially independent. Although I’m not eliminating the difficulties on your way, but try to focus on success.

So, what I did:

  1. I took away clothes that I don’t like/ don’t wear or that looks old.
  2. After that I made the difficult decision what to do with these clothes. For me there are 2 options – to sell or to give them away. I would say that selling process is very time-consuming, therefore I’m usually selling only new (or almost new) and originally expensive things.
  3. Now – it is time to look back into the closet (it should be clear and full of clothes you like) and probably repeat the steps 1 and 2 :-).
  4. The most exciting part (!) for me – to arrange your clothes. I would suggest you to buy beautiful hangers and ‘voila!’ –  your own high-end boutique is ready.
  5. Most likely you’ll realize that you have holes in your wardrobe, for instance, I found out that I have lack of skirts.
  6. Another exciting part (!) – to make the shopping list based on point 5 above. Another option (that works if you know exactly what you need and want) is to go to the tailor with the list of necessary things.
  7. As the last point I’d like to add that if you have an idea of how to improve the clothes you have but don’t like or  don’t wear them – the tailor should be your best friend :).

Do you have the tailor-made clothes?

The most stylish Tailor from TF store I’ve ever seen


A good tailor could make an amazing things! Unless you are very lucky, the drawback of this option is that you have to invest time and money to find the good tailor. Personally I don’t believe that for very cheep price you would get something exceptional. On the other hand, the high price automatically doesn’t mean the quality. You have to try and compare. For me it was the long-term goal and after 2 years of searching for my tailor, I found the great one.

Although I’m doing the wardrobe detox every season, every time I have to deal with the same problems. Therefore this post would be useful also for me in case I would fall in love with my sentimental items that I don’t wear and actually don’t even like :-).

Please let me know your tips for wardrobe cleaning in comment section below. Cheers!


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