The finishing touch with DIOR loose powder


Hello beauty lovers! Today’s topic is about keeping your face from looking oily. Although my skin type is not oily anymore (it was when I was very young), it still looks oily within the two hours after applying my makeup. But I am not going to get used to it, because there are so many solutions available!

As a matte effect lover, I can suggest you many skincare products for oily skin, but in this post I am going to give a review about one of the translucent powders, that do a great job in particular for oily  and combination skin. If you are lucky and your skin type is normal, you probably don’t feel the necessity to use the powder at all. However I recommend it for every skin type in order to fix your makeup.

This type of powders are translucent, therefore your don’t need to choose between different colors, that is often “mission impossible” for me. I have a cool rosy skin tone and frequently I found out that only powders for warm skin tones are left in the shops, or the color looks on my skin absolutely differently than expected – too yellow or too dark :-(.

So, Diorskin Forever & Ever Control Loose Powder – extreme perfection & matte finish.




As with many luxury beauty products, the key is in details. Notwithstanding the huge number of brands that are selling translucent powders, I found out that it is simply a great pleasure for me to use Dior’s one. It is mainly for two reasons:

  1. I like that it has a small kabuki brush, that allows me to apply the powder outside of my bathroom.
  2. In addition, an elastic mesh ensures that you wear the optimal amount of powder without overdoing your makeup.

Diorskin powder is so easy to use in the morning or during the day, whenever you feel the necessity. Although I am wearing the powder every single day, it lasts for several months (4 – 6 months for me).

I love the light texture of loose powders. Therefore I’ve tried many of them, without being loyal to one particular brand. If you look for this type of powder, I have a great news for you – there are many alternatives in different price categories! From my experience the quality of such type of powders from well known brands are very similar. So, if your budget is limited, buy more affordable brand product :-).

If you have tried Dior or other brand’s translucent powders, it would be great to hear your opinion! Cheers!

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