The key to feminine and chic look is a good pair of heels


Hello, beauty & fashion lovers! Today’s post will be a bit more personal, because it is about the shoes. I am absolutely sure that the shoes  can tell more about the people than they actually would like you to know about them :-). My absolute favorites are mid-heel pumps, simply because I’m about 180 cm tall and wearing high-heel pumps is a bit over the top for me. By mid-heel I mean heels about 7 cm, I think it is enough to give the shoes a sense of elegance and femininity.

I don’t know why, but the designers and shops in general neglect the need of mid-heels and I have to hunt for every pair of such shoes both online and in the stores. Another problem is the design… While high-heel pumps look almost always elegant, the pumps with a lower heels usually look ugly and old-fashioned :-(. For these reasons when I see a great pair of pumps my decision-making process is very quick, especially taking into consideration that I have the most common  shoes size. However I would rather save for a great pair of shoes for a while, than buy the one that I don’t like 100%, but could afford immediately.

I am sharing the opinion that every women needs some investment pieces in her wardrobe and on my list of investment pieces the classic pumps are a priority. I love Classic Pumps because they are timeless and look so chic!  I think it is great to have a pumps in different colors and patterns. On the one hand it is still a timeless classic, on the other hand it is not boring and allows to refresh your look.

So, my mid-heel pumps in clockwise order:

  • Grey suede pumps from Ferragamo
  • Black leather pumps from Burberry
  • Deep blue leather pumps from Furla
  • Nude leather pumps from Ferragamo
  • Dark brown suede pumps from D&G

Salvatore Ferragamo is my absolute favorite brand of shoes, because of their high quality and  sophisticated design and, of course (!), comfort.

I can’t understand the girls who are wearing uncomfortable high-hells, like Louboutins that are so expensive! I read in one interview that Cristian Louboutin said that he hates the concept of comfort. Another amazing shoes designer Manolo Blahnik said smth like: “There is nothing charming about a woman who cannot walk in her shoes”. LOL

Well, I’d like to see both designers wearing uncomfortable shoes all day long :-). Personally I prefer to invest in wearable beautiful pumps, not in museum pieces.

What is your favorite pumps? Do you agree that we all need some (wearable!) investment pieces in our wardrobe? I would appreciate hearing your thoughts on this! Cheers!


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  1. Great post! I agree with you and comfort is the most important! 😊 Also, I’m pretty tall too, but luckily my boyfriend is taller so I can wear any high heels I want, although I really don’t like the very short ones like 4 cm, they don’t look good to me (on me) :).

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