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Hello, fashion lovers! What could be better than chilling at home in your pajamas on Saturday morning, drinking coffee and (!) shopping at the same time! However  my post is more about inspiration than actually shopping :-). Although some online stores are able to inspire you on fundamental wardrobe change, their web pages may contain very valuable information, much more than simple items to sell.  While searching for the new items for your wardrobe, in online stores you’ll find different outfit ideas, street style looks and celebrity most worn items. In fact,  I am pretty sure that with some brainstorming you’ll be able to recreate some looks without even buying new stuff.

Here is my list of best inspirational online stores:

  • – Jcrew is my latest finding, I’m glad I got to know it, because I like it very much!
  • – Topshop and Asos offer plenty of fashion trends at a very reasonable price. For recreation of street style looks these online stores are awesome.
  • – Mytheresa, Forzieri and Net-a-porter sells well-known designers collections. Mytheresa has the best choice in terms of sizes and in terms of product selection.
  • – Forzieri is great when you are looking for a new bag, on this store you’ll always find some “secret offers” up to 20 – 30% off.
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Source: FORZIERI newsletters
  • – From my point of view the variety of their beauty brands are absolutely great. Here I could find niche products that is difficult to buy elsewhere – like By Terry or Victoria Beckham for Estée Lauder.

Online stores are great for keeping yourself up to date on fashion trends. I like that all these stores share many useful tips and information,  some of them even have their own fashion blogs. As a customer, you have something like an insider’s guide to the front row of the fashion shows.


While searching for new trends awake interest in buying new things (that’s the point why online-stores are doing this, of course), when it comes to shopping I remain very conservative. We all have limited budget, therefore I can’t imagine myself buying designer one-season hot trends every season.  However I could buy some trendy items from more affordable high street brands, like Zara or COS.

Regardless the price in good online store everything looks so gorgeous, but be careful – for the very cheap price you’ll never get high quality item. The fabric may look amazing on the picture in some lights, even in reality it is cheap and is absolutely awful. As a result – wearing it will most likely ruin your full look. Therefore I used to buy online only if the store offers free returns.

 Good reasons to try online shopping:

  1. An opportunity to buy something that you can’t get in your country.
  2. To buy cheaper, because you could compare prices on different websites. Subscribe to newsletters – great opportunity to stay informed not only about latest trends, but also about sales & members-only deals. Oh, and, of course, during sales period you could buy an amazing things without investing too much money!
  3. What I also like about online shopping is that you can try how the new blouse, skirt or whatever you bought fits in your current wardrobe. I often struggle with it in real shops, because evidently I can’t take whole wardrobe with me when I am going shopping.
  4. It is the easiest way to avoid impulse purchases. First, you’ll always think more carefully about the necessity to buy something when you are not under pressure. Second, if in doubts – you could always send the purchase back (check for free returns beforehand).
  5. Excitement while waiting for your order, I literally feel like a child who is waiting for Christmas presents!

So, take your time, explore, compare and have a great online shopping experience. Cheers!


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  1. Great post! Some amazing tips:)

    P.s. I also have a high end beauty giveaway on: (& follow back) xo

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  2. Hi there! I love your blog! I blog about books, but my main priority is helping people get paid to spend the money they’re already spending online 🙂 let me know if that’d be of interest to you! Keep up the great work.

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