Brighten your life with sunny accessories

File 24-03-2017, 14 42 15Hello, world! The day is absolutely stunning – the sun is shining and I can’t miss this opportunity to share with you the most sunny color in my wardrobe. I can’t say that the yellow is my favorite, apparently not at all. However I found out that bright yellow actually looks good on me and most important – not annoys me :-). I feel that after winter season I literally obsessed with wearing bright colors.

As I try to be careful with yellow, I decided to choose accessories in that color. Bags and small leather goods, like wallets are wonderful for such reason – you may change your whole look by using different accessories and adapt them to the color of your mood.

My yellow leather goods:

  • Coccinelle Bag  B14 TOP Handle in calfskin – although the bag is not available in yellow anymore, the same model have many other colors currently available online and in the stores. It is a great classic bag, if you decide to go for more quite color.
  • MINI Wallet in Saffiano – this one is very similar to mine Coccinelle wallet, but it has some differences (mine has Coccinelle logo on the front side instead of brand title). In terms of functionality they are completely the same. I love it small size that is absolutely enough to store your cash and a few cards. Although it is not an unique wallet that I own, since often I need to put more stuff in my wallet (especially while I am travelling).

Going through the Coccinelle website I noticed some new additions! As a result, my wish list has 2 newcomers :-):


I think this one is a nice cross-over summer bag. Due to it’s neutral color,  you could wear it almost with all items in your current summer wardrobe.


I love the color and the fabric of this bag. While easily combinable with other colors, it looks chic and modern!

What is in your wish list? Please share in the comment section below or send me a link to your posts! I would love to read them 😉

File 27-03-2017, 09 23 06

If accessories match your outfit, they can make your look!  Have a great sunny day :-). Cheers!

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  1. Wow!! I love your picks babe. I am a huge bag person and you have good eyes for chic bags.


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