A gold-mine of information for Beauty bloggers

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Hello, beauties!

I am happy that we are living at times when cosmetics are widely available and the number of cosmetic companies is constantly growing. Although it means tough competition, we as consumers are in a win-win situation. First, in order to be competitive the R&D of beauty companies are working non-stop. The improved formulas, the better textures, more natural components – everything has to be constantly improved. Second, it is possible to find high-quality beauty products in every(!) price category. Lower prices are bringing beauty products to the mass market and it is great. However, only several centuries ago the beauty products were considered to be the privilege of certain social classes, although often cosmetics use caused mortal diseases and premature ageing of skin.

Lisa Eldridge in her book “FACE PAINT. The story of makeup” tells so many facts about cosmetic products from the very beginning till nowadays. Lisa presents the boring historical facts in an absolutely entertaining way, that you literally can’t stop reading.


For instance, did you know that:

  • the first magazines were written by men?
  • Revlon was the first company who proposed to match the colours of lip stick and nail polish?
  • Eugène Rimmel is the inventor of first mascara. Moreover in some languages Rimel or Rimmel still means “mascara”!
  • Estée Lauder was the first one who decided to give a product samples along with purchases made in her stores.
  • silicone is an important ingredient of long-lasting lip sticks and foundations.

If not, keep reading 😉

Published in 2015, this book became the encyclopedia for many beauty bloggers and beauty lovers. With fascinating facts, rare photos and interesting stories the author involves you in a world of makeup products.  I would say that the format of the book is more educative, than entertaining, but because Lisa is such a good story teller it was an absolute pleasure to read it.

There are practical reasons behind makeup and, I think, that beauty bloggers and beauty lovers would love to go through the history from ancient Egypt, classical Greece and Rome, the Victorian period to the present. The 20th century is particularly interesting read, since fashion and the image of beauty ideals changed every decade.  It was time of beauty revolution and until now we keep in mind such names as Helena Rubinstein, Elizabeth Arden, Estée Lauder and others.

On top of this, in the book you’ll find the beauty icons through the years, like Marlene Dietrich, who was the representation of Hollywood glamour or Twiggy, who was an English prominent teenage model in swinging sixties and many others.

If you’ve already read the book, it would be great to know what you think! Cheers

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