How to get rid of adult acne and spots

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Hello, ladies (but not only ;-)).

Today’s topic is about solving different skin problems, such as acne, thin skin and aging. I don’t want to discuss in details the morning and evening routines here, because we all know it. Although I know that for many of us it is difficult to follow. When I was teenager I was mistakenly thinking that it is great to be an adult, because adults do not have skin problems. Unfortunately, acne can make an appearance anytime between your 20s to as late as your 50s. Moreover, some medicaments and creams may cause your skin to become thin. And, finally, as the time passes we are noticing the signs of skin aging. Plain truth :-(.

I am sharing here one of the greatest products that may help to solve the problems mentioned above. Of course, if the cream works for me it doesn’t guarantee that it will work for you as well, but if you are currently looking for night cream – definitely have a try!

BoosterThe product I’ve used for a year now (with interruptions) is Super Booster Night care with vitamin A from Beauté Pacifique. It is one of the best Boosters I’ve ever tried in this price category.

This booster is incredibly good for:

  • solving anti-aging problems
  • acne treatment and prevention
  • thin skin treatment
  • repairing the damage caused by sun

The product is very concentrated, therefore your skin needs time to get used to it. For this reason the dermatologists recommend to use it every second night for the first 2 weeks. During the first month of using you might notice that you are having more pimples than before, but keep using it and you’ll get the result. It helped me to normalize my skin condition and since I am using it I rarely have to stress about new pimples. It really works!

This Super booster is not cheap, but nevertheless is affordable. It costs £58 (50ml), but 100ml is a real bargain and costs only 10 pounds more – £68. I went for the small one when I bought it for the first time, since I wanted to be sure how it works and does it fit me at all. Now I’ve bought the big one and absolutely happy about it. Moreover the product is so concentrated (as I already mentioned) that you need to use only a small amount of it. For instance, 50ml cream lasts for about 6 months! That is what they say on their marketing material and that is true, I’ve used my first booster for that long ;-).

If you haven’t heard about the company before, I’ll make quick introduction. Beauté Pacifique is a Danish company with a wide range of skin care products (including ranges for different skin diseases). I’ve also tried other products from Beauté Pacifique, like  Enriched moisturizing creme and Instant hydrating mask. However, I found out that those products are only supplements to the Booster and I can’t justify their price (each of them costs £33.

ClinicalBoosterIf you’ll decide to buy the Booster – order the right one. Beauté Pacifiqie has Clinical Super 3 Booster that looks quite similar to the one I’m recommending, but more strong and aims to take care of very mature skin and has more active ingredients and more highly concentrated than Super3 Booster. Therefore, if you are young and your skin doesn’t have any real (!) deep wrinkles, avoid using Clinical line. Otherwise you could get an opposite effect.

Here is a video for those who are interested in more details:

My verdict is – Strongly recommended 😉



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