My office essentials – hand creams top 5

File 16-05-2017, 15 57 17Hello Everyone! There are many posts about morning & evening beauty routines, but I think that it is also important to have some day beauty routine as well. Since I am working in the office environment, my day routine’s beauty products have to be in my office all the time – and those are Hand cream and Cuticle oil.

Every time after my manicure is nicely done, I promise myself to moisturise and nourish my hands more often, but often I fail to do it. So, as you understand, I am not good at all when it comes to the hand care. Therefore the best way is to keep hand care products on my desk, otherwise I forget to use them ;-). For me it is indispensable to set up my working space in the way that works for me, that everything I need is easily accessible, clean and tidy. Otherwise I can’t concentrate on my work and to work productively.

My hands & nails are usually dry and I have to use the hand cream several times during the day. For some reasons my hands become even more dry in the summer and winter period, therefore I am using the rich texture hand creams all year round.

Below I am sharing My TOP 5 hand creams that I felt in love with and that help me to keep my hands soft and healthy.

BodyShop_hemp-hand-protector1. THE BODY SHOP Hemp Hard – Working Hand Protector – the longest favorite on my list! Ideal for dry skin! Although I am not a big fan of Body Shop products, I have to admit that they have some absolutely amazing creams, and this is one of them :-). I would say that this hand cream is more suitable for winter time.


Neutrogena_hand_cream2. Neutrogena Hand Cream – Fragrance Free – the best from the drugstore range.  Great value for money! I prefer fragrance free to the standard one, since my skin used to be very sensitive. Because it is fast absorbing it is ideal for the summer.


AVENE_cold_cream_concentrated_hand_cream3. Avene Cold Cream Concentrated hand cream – this favorite comes from the French pharmacy cosmetic range. Very nice texture that is rich, but at the same time absorbs quickly. I’ve used it while I was skiing and it helped to protect my hands from the extreme mountains weather conditions.


AHAVA_water-mineral-hand-cream4. AHAVA mineral hand cream – I’ve bought several hand creams from AHAVA when I was in Israel few years ago. Israel cosmetic is rich with dead sea minerals, that have a unique beneficial effect on your skin. Their range is also great for sensitive, dry skin owners and even for the people with skin diseases.


Kinetics_hand_cream5. Kinetics Professional hand Care – Rich cream with shea butter – professional skin care products seem to be always a good choice, but sometimes the price may stop you from buying it. I paid EUR 8 for 150 ml cream, that is actually very good price for such a huge tube. It’s absolutely great idea to make the cream in a bigger tube, since the small one ends very quickly! In addition – great smell, rich texture of this shea butter cream makes this cream the Product of the month!

Kinetics Cuticle Oil Orange CuticleOil– it a good addition to the hand cream, I went for the same brand, but you can use another cuticle oil in order to be fully equipped ;-). I like it’s orange flavour, it is great for the summer days. Even if I am in the office I have a feeling of being in the Italian countryside with all its beauties and flavours… mmm :-).


I’ve heard that you have to use the same cream on your hands as you use on your face & neck, but I’m worrying – how much would it cost!?! :-0 What is your thoughts about it? Cheers!


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  1. Great post! I love The Body shop’s hand creams. I’ll have to try out the others! 🙂

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  2. I need to try Neutrogena hand cream, never tried it actually. Lovely post dear. xx

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  3. Great post! Hand creams are so necessary for the office!

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  4. Very useful post, Olly 😊 Now I’m keen to use that Body Shop product.
    btw latvian “Dzintars” also have a great cuticle oil as my manicurist recomended 💅

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