Body Shop scrub with the most controversial reviews

File 30-05-2017, 09 39 57Hello, beauty world!

The summer is already here, therefore it’s time to polish your skin in order to get a perfect tan! 😉 Naturally, moisture and SPF protection is a must, but before that we have to achieve a smooth skin to let the creams and lotions work better on our skin. It is achievable if you are using body scrub, depending on your skin type – once or twice a week.

If you have normal skin, you can use almost any scrub in the price category that you can afford, and get a great results without any problems. However I have very sensitive skin :-(. Thus, scrubbing may cause redness and irritation, therefore I have to be very careful what type of scrub I am applying on my skin and the way I am scrubbing.

Nevertheless I believe that it is beneficial for our skin to exfoliate it once or twice a week in order to help the skin to renew cells more efficiently. Thus I am always looking for very gentle exfoliator for my skin. I have noticed that while it could be easy to find exfoliator or scrub for sensitive face skin, it is challenging to find one for sensitive body skin.

Recently I’ve tried a perfect scrub from Body Shop, particularly good for sensitive skin and I am very happy to share it with you here ;-).


I have to admit that I’ve never heard about the Ximenia tree before, thus it was very interesting to discover it benefits for the skin. African Ximenia Scrub’s main ingredients are Ximenia fruit seeds, that originated from Limpopo (South Africa).  Ximenia tree is also known as the wild plum, because the fruits do indeed resemble plums. The oil extracted from the seeds known for it reparative and reconstructive power, it also has anti-inflammatory properties. All these virtues make this scrub an ideal product for problematic skin.

The texture of the scrub is very gentle and is more similar to the butter consistency than to a scrub. However if you are using it on a dry skin before shower it is quite effective. The scrub is not harsh at all, therefore if you are used to deep exfoliation, this product would be too gentle for you.

So, here comes the controversial product reviews… In most cases the product is not good or bad, but most likely – suitable or unsuitable for the particular skin type! Body Shop offers a great opportunity to test the product beforehand, you have only to ask about it and they would be happy to provide a sample that you can try at home. Therefore I am surprised about so many negative comments about this scrub, that fortunately do not represent the reality.

In addition, I’d like to add (as a sensitive skin owner for years) that if you are constantly having redness on your skin or other type of skin imbalances, it is better to avoid using any cosmetic products that could potentially cause the problems. It includes scrubs, serums and other highly concentrated cosmetic products. Buy very simple moisturising lotion in the pharmacy and in a few weeks time you’ll see the improvements in your skin condition.

The less is more – a great motto for the people with the sensitive skin! 😉

Cheers everyone!

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