Vienna vibes – what to do in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe

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Hello, everyone! I am happy to be back home from Vienna and I can’t wait to share my Vienna story with you ;-). I think that if you are looking for the next holiday destination in Europe – Vienna is a great place to see and explore! Cultural events, historical places, traditional cuisine – that’s all about Vienna. Your 3-4 days trip will be full of adventures.  It was my second time in this great city, thus I’ve already had a first very positive impression about Vienna several years ago. However, this time I had more time to explore the city and I literally fell in love with Vienna!!!

Where to stay

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Parliament Building

Vienna is one of the rare cities with the great hotel locations. It actually doesn’t matter which hotel you choose, if it is located in the city center the location will be great! That’s because there are beautiful places wherever you go. I also found it quite safe, and I actually can’t mention the areas to avoid in Vienna, apart from the places where you have to be careful in every city, like big stations and crowded places.

I’ve stayed in a hotel close to the Rathaus and Parliament and I 100% liked the location. It is close to the main attractions, public transport (metro, tram)  and supermarket availability made my life really easy ;-).

What and where to try

Café Central

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File 12-06-2017, 16 29 05You’ll be lucky if you get to Café Central without a queue. It took us 20 min to get inside, but it was worth to wait! Café Central with its 130 years old history is one of the most famous traditional cafes in Vienna. This is a place with a unique atmosphere! While it is possible to have  a lunch there, I was specifically interested in trying some of the most delicious cakes in Vienna…mmm… Great coffee and plenty of choices for the dessert may leave you happy for sure :-). I recommend you to try cold coffee, it was absolutely great! Apfelstrudel (Apple strudel) that is a real classic (along with other different cakes we tried) was very, very tasty!

Cafe Schwarzenberg

File 12-06-2017, 16 53 14Cafe Schwarzenberg is the oldest Cafe on the RingstraBe today, it upholding the typical atmosphere and tradition of a Viennese Cafe. Schwarzenberg has been a meeting place for business people from the very beginning and it is still a popular meeting place with the Viennese. While it is a place to be and to see I don’t really liked the coffee there. But for having a breakfast once while you are in Vienna it is not bad at all ;-). In addition, if you are the real chocolate lover – Sachertorte (a specific type of chocolate cake) is one of the specialties of Cafe Schwarzenberg!

What to do


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File 12-06-2017, 16 58 08In Albertina’s museum you’ll find one of the world’s finest art collections. Founded in a grand Viennese palace in the Neoclassical style with unique interior decorations, it housing seven principal collections and temporary exhibitions. I personally liked the permanent exhibition Monet to Picasso from The Collection of Modern Painting. But in this museum you have a chance to follow the art history from the Renaissance to the present day. After visiting the museum, it is adorable to have a drink or lunch on the terrace of the Albertina’s Café.


File 10-06-2017, 19 06 22File 08-06-2017, 15 47 22Opera – everyone talks about Vienna’s Opera and if you like the Opera’s performances, it could be an Occasion for you to visit this place!  I suggest you to buy tickets online from because this web site is the most reliable service that I’ve seen for theater tickets in Vienna. There are also some other web sites selling the tickets, but they offer to choose the price category without providing the seats plan. Maybe for someone it is ok, but I have to know what exactly I am paying for. In addition, if you are on a budget, you may buy very cheap tickets for about EUR 3-4 just before the performance in the Opera ticket office.

Dress code. So, when you have tickets in your pocket, it’s time to think about what you are going to wear. I would say that a long evening dress is only appropriate if you are having seats in a parter. In all other cases a cocktail dress will be absolutely fine. I think that following the dress code is a good tone, because we do not have that many occasions in our life to wear evening dresses, right? That’s why I am absolutely against the jeans in the opera and in the theater in general, however you’ll inevitably meet tourists who will be wearing shorts and flip flops :-(.

Also the Vienna’s Opera is beautiful, in terms of interior and exterior my absolute favorite is Opéra de Paris Garnier.

Don’t miss out!

Balls in Vienna

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Ball in Rathaus, June 2017

There are about 400 balls organised in Vienna every year. Most of the Viennese balls are now organised by groups of professional persons, like writers and journalists, confectioners, coffee brewers, doctors etc.

File 12-06-2017, 17 47 34
Ball in Rathaus, June 2017

The balls are usually following the ceremonial program – the small gift for every lady who enters the ballroom (in my case it was Indian handcrafted mirror and matching pen set), the entrance of the debutants and debutantes that symbolises are opening of the ball, after their performance as a rule follows the call “Alles Walzer”, in the midnight a quadrille is taking place. Moreover the strict dress code is an essential part of every Viennese ball. If you are visiting Vienna as a couple and you have at least an elementary knowledge of classical dances – attending the ball will be an absolutely unique experience for you! However you will have to plan your trip in advance, in order to be able to attend the ball and to prepare your outfit. It is definitely worth the effort!

I hope you liked my Vienna story and I would definitely like to hear about your experience in Vienna! Cheers!




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  1. RevolutionaryRoads June 13, 2017 — 4:22 pm

    Aww thanks for sharing this post!! I really want to visit Vienna ❤️

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  2. Schwarzenberg sounds nice despite the coffee 😉 I just blogged on Vienna too and agree with it being one of the prettiest cities of Europe.

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