Enjoying sunshine in a safe way. Part 2

File 18-06-2017, 22 37 19Hello, beauty lovers! In my last post published next week I shared with you my body sunscreen favorites, thus today following the same topic – I’d like to share with you my face SPF favorites. Some of those creams are great for everyday use, they are so called city-SPFs and others are great for applying on holidays.

perfecteurBIODERMA Hydrabio Perfecteur SPF 30 for dehydrated sensitive normal to combination skin –  the cream intensely hydrates and smoothes the skin. All French pharmacy brands are great for sensitive and problematic skin, Bioderma has very good products especially for oily skin and skin with acne. Therefore I found out that their creams are more mattifying than the other brand products. Hydrabio Perfecteur is an excellent combination of moisturizer, SPF and make-up base. I would say that it is 3 in 1. In addition, Hydrabio Perfecteur conceals the skin imperfections, thus I love to apply it also on the no-makeup days ;-).

LP15504_bigLa Roche-Posay Rosaliac CC Cream SPF 30. This is interesting product – there are many pros and cons around it. First, if you don’t have sensitive skin, there is no point to use this product because there are many other very good products on the market. The biggest problem with this CC cream is “Universal” tone that fits all. However in defence of La Roche-Posay, I’d like to say that the tone is really universal. For example, I have a light cool skin tone, while the cream looks dark and warm. Nevertheless when applied on your face & neck, it really adapts to your natural skin tone. The cream is very helpful if you have any redness on your face, it covers and ton-corrects it very well. The other feature of the cream that you have to used to is a strong smell, however it disappears immediately after application. Nothing to do with it, people who dislike strong fragrances would not be happy with the smell. Even so, taking into account that it contains no parabens, it is non comedogenic and is hypoallergenic, for sensitive skin it is a necessary product.

La Roche-Posay 50+ SPF lip stick. Very often I found out that my lips are dry in the summer, in particular after a beach. It is because our lip skin is different and more sensitive than face skin. While I am looking for the face cream with mattifying effect in the summer, my lip skin needs more nutritious and rich texture creams. Unlike the previously discussed La Roche-Posay CC cream, this lipstick smells very nice ;-).

BiothermBiotherm Creme Solaire Anti-age SPF 50. Ultra melting cream for face, neck and neckline. Actually I am not using anti-age products that often, but I think that it is worth to invest in a good sunscreen for face with high protection from both UVA and UVB. I do not have any issues with pigmentation right now, but I know how difficult it is to get rid of pigmentation and how expensive and time-consuming it could be. As a preventive actions against wrinkles and dark spots this Biotherm creme is absolute must-have, because it combines Life Plankton with an antioxidant vitamin E. It is not my every day cream, I am using it during the weekends and on holidays when I am constantly exposed to the sun.

This is it! 🙂 I would love to hear about your sunscreen favorites!

Protect your skin and make the most of summer and hopefully holidays! Cheers 😉

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