Sisley skin care – my guilty pleasure ;-)

File 02-08-2017, 09 25 27Hello, everyone! I am sure you’ve heard about the concept of investment pieces that applies to the wardrobe. And it make sense buying one statement piece (expensive, but still within your budget), like trench coat or classic tote bag instead of several low quality items, simply because it will last longer and you’ll get more wear of it, and you’ll definitely feel more confident :-).

The same concept could also be applied to the skin care products. And my guilty pleasure is Sisley skin care products and their masks in particular! You invest more money now to look better and to maintain your natural beauty as long as possible. Does it make sense? 😉

Luxury and, unfortunately very expensive, skin care brands have products with unique formulas and scientific research behind it. However, very often the other products from the same brand are not that unique and therefore overpriced. While it would be great to have the whole skin care range from one brand (also very instagram – like ;-)), I think that the better results you can achieve by mixing products from different brands. In addition by mixing products from different brands will definitely be more budget-friendly.

For instance, you don’t need to invest tons of money in cleansing products and make-up remover, on the other hand, a night cream, mask or an eye cream are completely different story. Those products stay on your skin for a long-time, they have to work in order to achieve the results and are definitely worth the investment.

I probably love almost all Sisley skin care products, I’ve got samples with my purchases of different eye creams, masks and creams and therefore I had a chance to try many of their products. But all time favorites are masks!!! Today I am sharing my top 3 Sisley masks:

Sisley mask1. Black Rose Cream Mask – definitely #1 on my list! It is too expensive to use it every single week, therefore I keep it for special occasions 😉 But I love it, it will literally make you a queen even after a long working day! Rich texture, active ingredients (Black Rose – smoothing, anti-free radicals; Padina pavonica – promotes the synthesis of glycoaminoglycans; Alkekengi calyx extracts – promotes collagen synthesis, it also contains Vitamin E and Provitamin B5). 

2. Eye Contour Mask – It does last forever!!! 🙂 I am repurchasing this mask again and again, because I didn’t see anything similar on the market. With Provitamin B5 & Vitamin E acetate, oligo-elements and plant-origin active ingredients it is the best eye mask I’ve ever tried. When I feel really tired and don’t have time for applying a mask properly, I use it like an eye night cream with slightly more coverage under the eye area as usual.EYEmask

34733114200083. Express Flower Gel-Mask – I love the scent of flowers, very hydrating mask. Ideal for summer because it is gel and is very light. Although it is Express mask and works in only 3 minutes, if I have time I will always apply it for at least 10-15 min. This mask contains moisturizing active ingredients (Lily & Iris extracts); Sesame that hydrates, protects, regenerates and Rose that freshens and softens.

Sisley are one of the luxury skin care brands and is definitely expensive, but it is worth it! I am not saying that all expensive skin care products are great. Not at all! There are many budget-friendly brands that could be a great alternative (French pharmacy brands, for example).

However, in general I agree with the statement that you get what you pay for. Therefore, use your own judgement and discretion buying the skin care products, especially the expensive ones. You have to use the beauty products that you can afford, but the luxury skin care may be your rare guilty pleasure :-). Cheers!


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