My Workout Routine

File 10-08-2017, 09 24 32Today everyone has their own workout routine and it is great! Healthy Lifestyle is trendy and it helps to find motivation even for those who are very lazy. Like me ;-). My go-to workout always was something like yoga or pilates, because I like stretching and relax feeling afterward and I don’t like strength-endurance training in general.

I used to go to the sport club, however I found out that I don’t like to be dependent on the sport club schedule. In addition, it takes time to go to the gym, even if it’s close to your work or home. Instead I’ve decided to create individual workout schedule that is suitable for my lifestyle. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll decide to return to my sport club, but for now I am sticking to my own schedule.

  • Online workout. In YouTube I’ve found different yoga workouts that I absolutely love to repeat! If I have time I’ll do full 1 hour workout if not – I’ll search for 30 min workout, it is really easy to adapt to your daily schedule.
  • Online coach. My recent finding is PumpUp app (available both for IOS and Android). PumpUp is an endless amount of workouts for different muscle groups with a virtual trainer.
  • Running or Brisk walking is a great option for individual workout. I decided to run 2 years ago and at first I really enjoyed it. It was motivating to see my progress almost every single time. But clearly, it was not possible to see the progress for ever. Therefore after missing a few running sessions, I couldn’t achieve the previous best result and I lost motivation. In fact, I didn’t like running – I liked to see the progress. After that I decided to try brisk walking. And I absolutely loved it! I am enjoying every walking workout, it takes more time to cover the planned distance than running, but it makes me feel good.
  • Swimming. You can swim in the sea or in the swimming pool, it doesn’t matter. It could work anyway ;-). Aqua aerobics is also great, especially for those who love water activities.
  • Cycling is a wonderful option to combine working out routine and exploring the neighborhood. When I feel tired and  I’m not really in the mood for working out, I’ll still consider cycling ;-).

As you can see there are plenty of workouts to choose from, you only have to decide which one is your go-to workout!

Finding motivation

Again I have to say that I am lazy when it comes to workout. I could find many reasons why not to do it today ;-). However I realized that I feel very proud of myself even after a short work-out and that make me happy! Moreover, I’ve noticed that if I stick to a schedule and don’t skip training sessions, it’s more easy to keep motivation.

Comfy outfit

Nice outfit could also help to stay motivated. Mine is from Abercrombie & Fitch (it is the combination of 4 pieces) and I was lucky enough to find trainers from NIKE that match the print of the outfit. I think it is better to invest in such outfit and enjoy wearing it than wear clothes that you don’t like, because it will definitely decrease your motivation.

Place and equipment 

I have one particular place at home where to do workouts and it helps to set my mind on workout and to avoid distractions. But I definitely prefer outdoor workouts activities to indoor. Parks, forest, coastline or backyard –  what ever you have in a walking distance from your home.

In terms of equipment I only need yoga mat both for yoga and pilates and basically that is it!

Find something you love to do and your body will be grateful to you!

Cheers everyone!File 10-08-2017, 09 36 08

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