Sisley everyday favorites

Sisley2Hello beauty lovers!

I have already mentioned in my previous blog posts that I love Sisley cosmetics! Although I have not tried everything in their skin care range (because it is very expensive unfortunately), but the things I have tried are really awesome.

Good day cream that hydrates & protects at the same time is the thing I am ready to invest in. And my current favorite is here:

Sisley1 Sisley All Day All Year essential anti-aging day cream – is one of Sisley cosmetics signature products and therefore this review is mostly about it ;-).

Scent. I would say Sisley All Day All Year has natural light scent, but some people think that the scent is slightly unpleasant, however everyone agrees that this scent disappears upon the application.

Packaging. It definitely has a great packaging: hygienic with pump. Very easy to use and the risk of wasting the product is minimal, therefore it will last for several months for sure.

Sun and environmental damage protection. It is not a sunscreen, although it has an anti-age shield that protects the skin from outside aggressions causing skin aging. It is not clear which SPF it has, I can’t find any exact number. Therefore on those sunny days when you are out all day long, I wouldn’t put much confidence only on Sisley All Day All Year and would use additional protection from UVA/UVB rays. I like that this cream could be used all year long, because it adapts perfectly to different weather conditions and protects the skin from the environmental damage like cold and dry air.

Results after application.  The cream gives the skin smooth radiant glow. Although I have an oily skin and usually try to avoid shining and glowing looks, I actually like this glowing since my skin looks more healthy, not oily or greasy at all. In addition it is a great base for foundation!

Key ingredients:

  • Essential oils: Juniper, Sage (for stimulating ) and Marjoram (for soothing)
  • Hazelnut Oil (for fighting against dryness and protecting the skin)
  • Anti-oxidants (Apple and Vitamin E)
  • Encapsulated UVA and UVB filters
  • Shea Butter (often used in Sisley products because this ingredient nourishes, soothes, softens, and protects the skin)
  • Sesame (for hydrating and restructuring)
  • Rice (for reinforcing the skin’s barrier)
  • White Willow: accelerates the synthesis of HSPs, anti-elastase, anti-collagenase

SisleySisley Gentle Facial Buffing Cream – An exfoliating cream for all skin types to gently remove dead skin cells and impurities. It was an experiment for me, because I usually don’t spend so much money on products like cleansing gels, tonics or exfoliating creams. In fact, if you can afford to pay the high price for exfoliating cream, you can try this one, because it is really very gentle with a great ingredients:

  • Bamboo microparticles (for gentle buff)
  • German Chamomile extract (for softening and soothing)
  • Kaolin (for absorbing excess sebum)

The other benefit of the cream (50 ml) is the fact that it lasts for at least 8 months using it 2x week!

However, my personal opinion is that you could find high quality alternatives for the more affordable price among French pharmacy brands (Avene, La Roche-Posay, Bioderma etc.)

Botanical Eye and Lip Contour – Complex Emulsion Phyto-Aromatique – An eyes and lips contour skin care that helps to reduce the first signs of aging. The cream could be used in the morning and evening, but I use it only once a day in the evening. I do it intentionally, because I feel that the cream reduces the signs of aging around the eyes and it ingredients work best at night:

  • Cucumber (for hydrating and revitalizing)
  • Hops (for stimulating)
  • Horsetail (for remineralizing)
  • Essential oils: Chamomile (for soothing) and Rosemary (for cleaning and stimulating)

About the eye cream that I use in the morning I wrote the blog post SkinCeuticals – Prevent, Protect, Correct and it is SkinCeutical Eye Balm. I’ve included it in my morning routine because it is the perfect way to reduce puffiness! 😉

So, this is it – my recent Sisley skin care favorites! Would love to hear from you – what is your favorite Sisley product?

Cheers everyone!





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