Shine Bright Like a Diamond!

GLAMGLOW_maskHello beauty lovers!

Looking at GLAMGLOW products I was always thinking that it is something from the budget range and was wondering why it is so popular?!? I don’t know where those prejudices come from, but those turned out to be completely ungrounded…

First, GLAMGLOW masks really work – you can feel the effect already after the first application! I don’t know about the long-term effect yet, but it definitely has the effect of the great skin on the day of application.

Second, the masks are very popular among celebrities in Hollywood, and they know how to Shine Bright Like a Diamond! 🙂 So, if you have some plans for the evening or important day when you’d like to look perfectly – Glamglow mask YOUTHMUD is exactly for those occasions (Red Carpet including ;-)).

YOUTHMUD® TINGLEXFOLIATE TREATMENT is one of the most popular GLAMGLOW masks. Moreover between it admirers are many celebrities of all ages.

Active ingredients: Volcanic Pumice Rock, French Sea Clay, TEAOXI Green Tea Leaf.

GLAMGLOW_consistencyThe consistency of the product is similar to exfoliator with a more richer structure then the usual one.

If your skin is sensitive, I suggest you to test the mask before applying on the face. As a sensitive skin owner I was worrying how it will work on my skin, but it worked very well actually. In the first 5 minutes after application you’ll feel some tingle effect, although I don’t like this effect on my skin, it simply means that the mask is working. In 10 minutes the tingle effect completely disappears and the mask becomes dry, thus it is time for washing it up.

The mask helps minimize the pores, lightly exfoliates the skin and refreshes it, this combination gives a great results in only 10 minutes! Now the skin is ready for any occasion, just apply moisturiser and makeup! YOUTHMUD mask is definitely the one that I am going to repurchase again and again :-).

Have you tried other GLAMGLOW masks? Are they good? Would love to hear any reviews and suggestions!


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