Autumn OOTD From Day to Night

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I don’t like to go out straight after work, nevertheless it is happening more and more often :-). Therefore I somehow have to adapt my outfit from Day to Night. For me it is really important, because I can’t relax if I am wearing the same office clothes all day long. Sometimes changing only accessories or some details may give you a feeling of wearing a new outfit when in fact you don’t ;-). This trick works great for me – and helps my mind to think about the evening out, not work!

For Day I prefer wearing comfy outfit, low or middle heel shoes, tote bag or backpack and small but cute accessories. The accessories are very important because they give your style a touch of chic and personality. In fact without them the outfit is not complete, something is missing, it’s like the cherry on top of the cake.

My recent discovery is brand AUrate from New York City, a jewellery company that produces affordable, ethically sourced, high-quality gold. Their elegant jewellery is so beautiful, that if I would have a chance to buy it all, I would do it ;-), because even the simplest pair of earrings can compliment any look. For Day outfit, small earrings, like these Flower Earrings Studs are great option:

Although I am not a big fun of wearing matched jewellery pieces, I think that this Flower Necklace Mini Pendant With Diamonds beautifully compliments the earrings. Because both of these jewellery pieces are small, together they look elegant and not too much.

For Night I always change my day bag to something more chic – clutch, evening bag or something in between. If you don’t know how to put all your staff in a small bag – simply leave unnecessary staff in the car, office or at home, the only things you need are phone, credit card and lipstick ;-). Another thing that makes a massive difference to your outfit   are shoes, changing your favourite sneakers to iconic pumps is the way to easily elevate your  look.

For Night I love to wear brighter and larger accessories (bag is an exception ;-)) than I would wear during the Day. Every woman should have a statement pieces in her jewellery collection and in my opinion, these Flower Earrings Back Large is a great piece for investment:

Jewellery is an extension of me, therefore I choose it with particular attention. I usually prefer to wear gold jewellery, especially earrings because I had some issues wearing other metals. I also like how the gold accessories look, moreover you could consider it as investment.

I know how dirty could be jewellery business, and therefore I admire the way AUrate founders decided to go – diamonds and pearls that AUrate uses come from conflict-free regions, in compliance with all applicable United Nations resolutions. They truly respect the standards of social, environmental and human rights practices. Moreover because they sell their products online, their prices are lower than other comparable jewellery brands prices. For each piece of jewellery you purchase at AUrate, an economically underprivileged child receives a book. How great this is – to know that your purchase will make happy not only you, but also the child, who would really appreciate this AUrate initiative – A BOOK FOR YOUR LOOK.

Final tip. If you’d like to be able easily transform your outfit from Day to Night, I suggest you to wear a little bit more dressy clothes than you would usually do. For instance, I am wearing this silk dress that looks great for Day and for Night. Also, because it is dress I don’t need to think about the endless combinations of tops and bottoms, that make my life a little bit easier ;-).

AutumnVibes2Enjoy Autumn, my favourite season of the year! Cheers 😉












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  1. THAT FENDI DRESS!!!!!!! Omg, you found such a great budget-friendly replacement! Love the look xo

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