Dress Scandinavian

Dress_ScandinavianHello everyone! Do you love fashion and are you looking for inspiration for the coming Fall/ Winter season? Then “Dress Scandinavian” – a book written by Pernille Teisbaek is exactly what you have to have in your life! Pernille Teisbaek is well – known fashion stylist,  fashionista and fashion blogger from Denmark. So, she definitely knows how to look stylish 24/7 even in the worthiest Scandinavian weather conditions ;-).

Source: https://fashionforum.dk

The book is full of beautiful pictures that inspire to try unusual combinations of colors, textures, tops & bottoms. After reading the book you will get an idea of how to create wearable Scandinavian wardrobe – stylish on the one hand and warm on the other ;-). I think that right now it is wonderful time to explore Scandinavian style! Why? Because Scandinavian girls love layering and Fall/ Winter are the best seasons to start exploring this way of dressing ;-).

Some people are sure that Scandinavian style is boring and too conservative, but I completely disagree! Yes, they like monochrome looks, simple outfits (unless you try to copy them), but they definitely have their own recognizable style.

In her book Pernille named many Scandinavian designers and brands that she personally likes, I admit – I didn’t know many of them. And it gave me motivation to look for the new names and discover their collections.

Although the style tips discussed in this book are not completely new, like:

  • Quality over Quantity
  • Quality does not always mean expensive
  • Mix & Match high street fashion with designer clothes
  • The less is more
  • Etc.,

it really goes in line with what we understand under the Scandinavian style.

For instance, I really like two Scandinavian brands – COS and Acne Studios. They both master the Scandinavian aesthetics and I am always looking forward to their new collections. I love how they transform classic pieces into something modern, minimalistic and fashionable.

Would you like to Style your Life and Wardrobe the Scandinavian Way?

Source: http://social-zoo.com

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  1. Omg! This is so eye opening! I never thought where the layering fashion originally came from and I definitely never thought I’d need a fashion book before! This is so interesting 😍

    Please make more posts like this in the future!

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