Fall Wardrobe Additions

Birthday_presentHello everyone!

Autumn is my favorite season of the year and one of the many reasons it is so is the fact that I have my birthday in October :-).  Although I don’t like celebrate my birthday, I love presents (and who doesn’t? hmm… 😉 )

The beginning of autumn is also the beginning of my personal year – it is time to  start learning new things at work or at school, it is time for changing your beauty routine and it is also time to update your wardrobe because of changing weather conditions. The wardrobe update is definitely brings me the most joy 😉

Source: https://www.cosstores.com

This Autumn I’ve decided to update my outwear with a new coat. This slightly oversized belted wool coat in beautiful burgundy color from COS is a great compliment to my existing wardrobe. I’ve noticed recently that I am falling in love with Scandinavian brands, design and even way of living. In my previous post Dress Scandinavian I reviewed one of the books on Scandinavian fashion, if you haven’t read it – click here ;-). COS is a great Scandinavian brand, actually it belongs to H&M family, but their clothing are definitely higher quality, they use natural fabrics and therefore are more expensive than original H&M clothing (but still very affordable!).

I also like that the coat is in burgundy color, because the other coats I have are either black or grey. However because I introduced this color to my wardrobe only this fall, I needed something else to compliment the look. I hinted to my husband that it would be great to have a new cashmere scarf (because I have very sensitive skin I am only considering cashmere or merino wool fabric that is very soft).  And because it was my birthday :-), my husband ordered for me this scarf:

It  looks very bright on these pictures and I was afraid that it would not match the color of my COS coat, but it matches perfectly as it was from the same brand and collection! So happy about that. Moreover my lovely husband added my initials to the scarf! This was very lovely 🙂 🙂 🙂 .

As a rule during the year I have many ideas what I’d like to get for my birthday, but right before it, I can’t remember even one thing that I thought about. However this year is an exception, because I somehow managed to figure out what I’d like to get for my birthday very quickly. Progress! 🙂

Source: https://us.burberry.com/

I am considering to add even more burgundy colors to my fall/ winter wardrobe, because this color is a real classic for these seasons and I can’t remember the year when the burgundy shades were not present in fall/ winter designer collections.

Source: http://stylecaster.com/nyfw-trends-fall-2017

And do you love burgundy?

Please let me know what are your wardrobe additions this Fall!

Cheers 😉

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