Travel tips for the perfect trip to beautiful Iceland

Travel_tipsUnpredictable weather; amazing nature – waterfalls, glaciers, mountains, geysers; awesome nature views; cashless society; the hardest language to pronounce – those are only some interesting facts about Iceland! 🙂

I’ve spent in Iceland 8 great days and I am ready to share with you some tips how to make your stay in this country more enjoyable. Moreover, in my next blog post I am going to share our trip itinerary with all amazing places we’ve visited, therefore don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, Facebook and/or WordPress ;-). For more information about Iceland, please also check my blog post about Blue Lagoon, it was a great experience!

So, if you are thinking about travelling to Iceland, consider the following tips from my personal experience:

  1. If you are going to explore the whole country, you would need at least 7 full days. I suggest you to extend this minimum to 10 days – less pressure, more time to enjoy Iceland ;-).
  2. Look for a cheap flight. Iceland is expensive country, try to save at least buying airplane tickets ;-).  For instance, have a look at budget airlines like Wizzair and EasyJet – both of them flying to Iceland regularly.
  3. Book hotel/ guesthouse/ camping etc. as soon as possible. I’ve started to look for places to stay in August (for my trip in the middle of October) and I found out that many of them were almost fully booked! Somehow I managed to book last rooms and got a good price. Important that in some parts of Iceland there are less possibilities for overnight stay, so plan your route taking this into account. I liked these 2 guesthouses (Lodge Dalahyttur and Lagafell Guesthouse) that I found on  
  4. Check weather conditions regularly. We were really lucky to have sunny weather almost every day for the whole week!
  5. Make sure you are dressed properly because you are going to spend most of the time outside. To feel warm is the most important, it will keep you motivated! For inspiration check this online store where you could find many useful things to be ready for any weather (p.s. deliveries to Europe only) – hiking boots, thermal underwear, parka, rainwear etc.
  6. Be prepared to change your plans because of weather and try to stay positive ;-).
  7. Iceland is 100% cashless country, credit/ debit cards are widely accepted. We didn’t feel the need for cash during the whole trip (!), the cards are accepted everywhere – even in small villages, family-owned guesthouses and small cafes.
  8. Stofan_CafeGrocery stores in Iceland are open from 11:00 till 18:00. You may find some food in the gas station, but the choice there will be very limited. In addition the restaurants opening hours are unpredictable :-), it could be stated that the restaurant is open but the door could be closed. Of course, I am not talking about Reykjavik now but about other places in Iceland :-). By the way – in Reykjavik you will find many great coffee places, the one I recommend is Stofan Café.
  9. English is widely spoken language and Icelandic people are actually nice and helpful (but remember that it is Nordic country, don’t expect too much friendliness 😉 )
  10. In some places there could not be cellular or WiFi connection, for example in the Lodge Dalahyttur guesthouse that I mentioned before. Relax, you are on holiday! 🙂
  11. It is helpful to have offline map and a good travel book. Lonely Planet’s guide is absolutely perfect, can’t recommend it highly enough!TravelBook_Iceland
  12. Northern lights. Although there was the possibility to see it in the middle of October, unfortunately we haven’t seen this beauty :-(. I wish you to catch it, but if not – don’t feel disappointed, because it will left you the room for thoughts about the next trip to some Nordic country ;-).

File 22-11-2017, 11 23 10Cheers!


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  1. Pictures look great! We loved Iceland, we actually rented a van and slept in it while driving around for a week? Did you see godafoss (unsure about spelling ha) Waterfall? I thought that was a real highlight 😀

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