Estée Lauder – my current obsession

Estee_LauderHello my beauty lovers!

It is already December!!! And there are so many blog posts that I call “it’s all about Christmas” where girls sharing their wish lists for Christmas, great gift and decoration ideas, festive outfits. That’s why I have this amazing feeling of the beginning of festive season!

And if it is almost Christmas – why not to buy some presents for yourself? :-).

There are many really wonderful beauty brands on the market and it is almost impossible to decide which one to choose. So, choose classic! Estee Lauder company was established in 1946 and during the years it has become one of the most successful companies on the beauty market. While their own products have always been innovative and high quality, Estee Lauder company itself owns many other well known brands, it brand portfolio is actually really impressive – Bobby Brown, Clinique, Creme de la Mer, Jo Malone, Tom Ford Beauty (oh, love this 😉 ), Glam Glow etc. I also love the idea of collaboration with Victoria Beckham – this gives something new to otherwise very classic Estee Lauder product range.

What else I love about Estee Lauder? I love that they always offer presents – some mini-products that you could get for your purchase. In fact, Estee Lauder was first who started doing this! Taking all this into account I ended up my shopping with so many nice products :-).

Recently I was looking for a new foundation and I can’t decide between the two – Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Makeup and Estee Lauder Double Wear Light. I actually liked both of them, but because it is winter time I decided to go for more medium than light coverage and chose Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Light. However Giorgio Armani foundation is definitely worth a try, it has wonderful texture and I am going to try it in the spring-summer season.

ELauder_foundationDouble Wear Light Stay-in-Place Makeup – This foundation is great if you like medium coverage. It is suitable for combination skin, because it is both oil-free and oil-controlling. The finish look will be more natural than matte, thus I use translucent powder on top of this foundation when I am going to wear it for a whole day.

Double Wear Light contains SPF 10 – not enough to protect you from the sun damaging effect, but for the winter days, when it is still dark when I am going to work and already dark when I am returning home I don’t see the point to wear foundation with higher SPF protection.

Moreover if you are lucky enough to live in place where the sun is shinning 365 days a year, consider this foundation for the evenings out or photo sessions.

This foundation is photo-friendly, meaning that your skin on photos will look natural without unnecessary shine and other effects that could appear on pictures when you wear cream or foundation with high SPF protection.


Pure Color Envy – Sheer Matte Sculpting Lipstick. New!

This lipstick is matte with nice texture that in addition to great color hydrates and nourishes your lips.

Estee Lauder has huge color range from shiny glosses to matte lipsticks. I love their nudes, unfortunately I am not nude girl :-(, I feel tired and sick wearing nude lipsticks… But if you are – you have a great choice!

Gentle Eye Makeup Remover – Although I am not usually using waterproof mascara, I love to take off my eye makeup with eye makeup remover. I found out that taking off the mascara and eye shadows with eye makeup remover is more gentle than simple to wash it out.ELauder_makeup_remover

For me it seems evident, but I’m surprised how many women still don’t follow the 1st skin care rule: “Never go to bed with makeup on. Clean skin is healthy skin.”  I hope you follow this rule 😉

Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara – love this mascara for it long-lasting effect, it creates volume and curves lashes. It is a classic mascara, you can’t go wrong with it!

Source for all product pictures:

I have also updated my skin care products with some Estee Lauder best sellers. But for the skin care I definitely need a bit more time to understand how it works on my skin :-).

Cheers everyone!





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  1. I love their make up remover it’s so easy to get everything off! I’m excited to try their new lipsticks. Perhaps a swatch or a review on how long it lasts would be good. I’m curious to know!

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