Let’s get ready for Christmas

ChristmasMood7Hello everyone!

There are only two weeks until Christmas Day 2017 and it’s the last moment to start preparing for this magical holiday season!


Source: thewhitecompany.com

For me the Christmas starts with a Christmas tree, the process of Christmas tree decoration is so special!

Although every year we buy a real Christmas tree because it smells so lovely and so festive, I am thinking about changing this tradition and invest in an artificial one for many reasons with the saving nature in the first place. But not this year, I don’t feel ready for this right now.

The most beautiful artificial Christmas tree I’ve ever seen is from The White Company.  It looks fabulous, isn’t it? And also so real…

In order to get the festive feeling – decorate also the other parts of your home or apartment, especially places where you spend most of your time.

In our home it is kitchen/dining room, thus we have bought some plates from these great Villeroy & Boch dining set especially for Christmas and New Year Eve holidays to get really festive feeling:

Source: www.villeroy-boch.eu

Table serving makes a huge difference! Don’t ignore it. You would probably need some decorations for this, but keep it simple and use what you already have. It could be red-white-green-orange like mine or something completely different. For instance, gold and silver colors look amazing (probably not together, but it depends 🙂 ).

Source: www.villeroy-boch.eu

Try to serve table in advance in order to understand how your decorations and tableware will look together. Do you need to buy something in addition to what you already have? It could be fruits, flowers or something else, that will make a festive mood on your table.

Moreover if you have kids, imagine their memories that they will have about Christmas, Christmas tree, decorations and festive table serving!

Even if you are not going to invite friends or family to celebrate with you, make an effort and serve your table for yourself!


Source: www.ralphlauren.de

Prepare presents in advance! You will not enjoy the great time before Christmas knowing that you still need to buy presents. Shopping at the last minute is definitely not the best option.

Some nice ideas for presents from Cult Beauty for girlfriend, mother, sister or daughter:

Cult Beauty ship worldwide and have a free shipping for all orders over £40! But be sure to order your presents as soon as possible or choose Priority track delivery, because their standard worldwide delivery takes about 2 weeks.

Some brands make a special promotions before Christmas, keep an eye on your favorite brands in order to be first to know about it. I love Ralph Lauren – they have a great choice of gifts for the whole family and they already have 50% off discounts and complimentary delivery for orders above EUR 80!

Source: www.ralphlauren.de

Check Ralph Lauren personalisation options, personalised presents are always a good idea. However you have to be 100% sure about the size you order. Choose something simple, like scarf or sweatshirt because you do not need to know the exact size of it.

To give you an idea of personalisation, I’ve made this simple black sweatshirt personal by adding my initials on it and I immediately fell in love with it! Choose something very simple in basic colors – and you’ll never be wrong :-).

Some online stores offer free gift wrapping options and even cards where you can write personal message. Definitely use this additional option if you don’t have time to wrap the gift.  However I like gifts that were wrapped by the person who gifts it, I think it gives a personal touch to the gift.

Source: www.villeroy-boch.eu

Enjoy this great time and have a happy festive season!



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