Product empties: January 2018

Empties_January2018Hello, my beauty lovers!

I’ve decided to start doing Empties blog posts, because I really like to read this type of blog posts that publish other bloggers. In addition it really helps to remember which products I’ve used during particular period of time, how long did they last and is it worth to repurchase them.

Since I have sensitive skin, I used to choose skin care products with particular attention – quality vs quantity is really important for me. Therefore I do not have that many products to write about every month, but I will definitely write Empties posts from time to time.

Have you noticed than you run out of beauty & skin care products all at the same time? 😦 While this fact potentially could lead you to go way over your budget, this is a great time to start Empties blog post series :-).

So, let’s start with makeup removers:

Makeup_removersIf I have a lot of makeup on, I clear my face in 3 steps:

  1. Remove eye makeup with eye makeup remover (especially when I use waterproof mascara). Estee Lauder eye makeup remover is very gentle, but expensive. It was a sample that I’ve enjoyed using, but I am not going to purchase it (at least not right now).
  2. Clean face with cotton pads using makeup remover. Avene 3 in 1 makeup remover contains Avene Thermal Spring Water, suitable for sensitive skin and it could be used to take off makeup also from your eyes & lips. It actually doesn’t require to wash your face afterwards, but I used to wash my face anyway.
  3. YOFING – Clear skin wash. Love this because it leaves the skin moisturized and gives the clear skin feeling. YOFING is an Israel cosmetic brand, I was actually very impressed how great it works on my skin, if you are interested in more details, you could check out my previous blog post here.

Some skin care empties:


  1. Blue Lagoon lip balm. Great! But you have to order it online that make it difficult and too expensive :(.
  2. Beaute Pacifique Super3 Booster. I’ve posted a blog post about this Booster some time ago, please check out it here. It is a retinol booster that helps to improve the texture of your skin in the long run, but it is recommended don’t use it longer than 1 – 1,5 year. It make sense to take a break because the booster contains many active ingredients that works really great together! I would definitely repurchase it!
  3. Yofing Squalane nourishing creamit was a great complement to my skin care routine. Please check out blog post about full review of this cream here.
  4. Sisley eye and lip contour complex with botanical extracts. I love, love, love Sisley skin care products! The skin around the eyes is the most gentle area, therefore I consider the eye cream as a long term investment. I am going to repurchase this again!

Some empties from my makeup favorites:


  1. Tom Ford brow gel. I like the color (Taupe) and consistence of this brow gel. Yes, there are many alternatives, but this is the best that I’ve tried so far. I am going to repurchase this again!
  2. YSL Touche Eclat. It is my second Touche Eclat and therefore I don’t need to emphasize how great it is ;-). I am not going to repurchase it right now, because I’d like to try something new, but if you haven’t tried it – I would definitely recommend it to you! 🙂

Some other empties from my bathroom:


  1. Morphosis Volumizing Shampoo. Morphosis is an Italian hair care brand, that I’ve discovered last year. It is not particularly suitable for sensitive skin, but apart from this I like it. I am also using Morphosis nourishing hair mask and I could say that it is giving the same effect as the expensive Kerastase mask! Worth a try!
  2. Eucerin body cream for dry sensitive skin. Pharmacy brand that are making skin care products for sensitive and problematic skin. I like that it is doing the job – helps my skin to stay moisturized throughout the day.
  3. Swarzkopf moisturizing kick – conditioner. Good conditioner with hyaluronic acid for dry hair or for the winter time when your hair need a little bit more care ;-).

This is it for today! Thank you for reading and let’s keep in touch!

Cheers 😉



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  1. Wonderful post! These are my favourite to write and read

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  2. I appreciate empties posts where you can see the containers cut open because you know damn well they are truly empties!

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