Wardrobe decluttering & mindful shopping tips

WardrobeHello everyone!

As always in January I am doing my wardrobe decluttering – deciding what will stay in my wardrobe and what will not. Pfff… difficult decisions, but the result is worth this time consuming process!

First, I don’t buy new clothes during the January – when decluttering process is done, you’ll understand what you really need to add to your wardrobe without spending money on unnecessary items. Sometimes we simply need to stop shopping to be satisfied with what we already have in our wardrobes ;-).

Second, decluttering is a great way to shop your own wardrobe. Often we forgot about clothes we own, because we don’t know how to wear them or we don’t have matching tops or bottoms. Be creative, check Pinterest/ Instagram for inspiration and I am sure that in most cases you’ll be able to create great outfits with those clothes.

Third, create shopping list dividing it into 2 parts (keep reading – I’ll share some tips how to shop mindfully):

  1. Missing items in your wardrobe or items that need to be replaced. This part is high priority, make sure to buy these items first.
  2. Items that you would like to have in your wardrobe. Depending on the type of item, this part could also be divided to several subparts (fashionable pieces; seasonal pieces; investment pieces etc.).

In order not to be overwhelmed with decluttering, I figured out my “stars” categories and arranged them in a way that allows me to see everything and easily reach any item from my wardrobe.

Here they are:

Wardrobe21. Jackets

I love wearing jackets, they look presentable and it is an easy way to elevate your look. Although I prefer the combination jeans + jackets, jackets in combination with skirts also look great if you need to create more professional outfit.

I have 5 jackets in my wardrobe and I am wearing them all the time!

Jackets2. Knitwear

Knitwear is great for the cosy look and, of course, is ideal for fall/ winter season when I am always freezing. I think that buying knitwear is really tricky. First, I am buying knitwear made only from natural fabrics. While cashmere and wool sweaters are warm, I need to wear them with something underneath because my skin is very sensitive. Another knitwear fabric that I like is cotton. Although cotton is not as warm as wool or cashmere, it is warm enough for the winter day in the office. Second, the price really matters – cheap versions of knitwear hardly last till the end of the season and should be replaced every season. I usually buy knitwear at the end of the fall/ winter season when everyone thinks about summer wardrobe – at that time you can buy high quality cashmere jumpers with a huge discount ;-).

Knitwear3. Shirts

The other category of favorites in my wardrobe are shirts, I have several white shirts (all with different cuts & styles), one blue shirt and 2 shirts with stripes. I am wearing them a lot (all of them) and I don’t feel that I have too many :-). Also the shirts are those pieces in your wardrobe that you need to replace quite often, therefore when I see that the shirt start looking tired, I’m “downgrading” it and use it only for layering. I’ve also noticed that expensive shirts last longer because they are high quality, in addition – pay attention to the fabric – the thick fabric will look worn down quicker.

Shirts4. Skirts

The last category – skirts. I love wearing skirts more than trousers, therefore in my “stars” categories I’ve decided to add only skirts. It means that I am wearing them more often than trousers and jeans.

SkirtsWhen your wardrobe is sorted out and you know your “stars” it is time to decide what kind of basic garments you miss to make your wardrobe work 100%.

This year I’ve decided to pay particular attention to the new garments I buy and avoid buying fast-fashion clothes, especially in the “basic” category. Unfortunately I found out that it is difficult to find fashionable clothes for the brands that have ethical factories, think about the future of our earth and comply with fair trade policies. However, those brands produce high quality basics! One of these brands that I’ve discovered recently is PACT. Below I am sharing my favorites from this brand, that would compliment my winter wardrobe:

Camisoles, long-sleeve and short-sleeve tees are so necessary! They are great for layering – keep you warm and comfy ;-). Also, I am thinking about this Lightweight Eco-Blend Wrap Cardigan:

Source: https://wearpact.com

But ok, for now I’ll stay with what I already have (no shopping in January ;-)), but most likely I’ll be back on this website in February 🙂 🙂 🙂.

What is your thoughts about fast-fashion and would you like to support the brands that make clothes from organic fabrics, comply with fair trade policies, care about the pollution on the earth and have transparent cost structure? Please share what you think! 🙂





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