Getting ready for a Long Haul Flight

TravelEssentialsHello, my beauty lovers!

I am going to New York this weekend!!! I’ve used to plan my trips in advance, but this time it is completely different. The decision to go there was so spontaneous and unexpected that I still can’t believe in it. However I’ve purchased the plane tickets, booked the hotel and received an invitation to the very special event ;-). I’ll definitely share more details later, but you can follow me on Instagram to get the news earlier ;-).

I don’t have a lot of experience travelling on a long distance flights, but I have some. Usually I feel quite exhausted after the flight, even the short one, therefore I’ve decided to try some skin care routine while flying. I am not sure that it will change how I’ll feel, but at least it could change how I’ll look after the flight :-).

So, let’s start. First, I’ve checked the size of the products I have and figured out what I could take with me on board and what needs to be taken in a smaller size. You can use smaller packaging for your products, however I found out out that it is much more easier to ask for the samples of your favorite products in the store or pharmacy. However don’t use the product samples that you’ve never tried before, the flight is not the best time for experiments ;-).

TravelEssentials11. Cleansing.

I don’t know whether I am going to wear make up before the flight or not, but I’ll need to cleanse my face in any case. For this reason I’ve got 2 basic products from Bioderma:

BIODERMA Sensibio H2O – this is a micellar water that is hypoallergenic, paraben- and alcohol-free. However I am using it for the second cleanse, because I feel the need to wash my face first.

BIODERMA Atoderm huile de douche – this is actually shower oil, but because it is designed for very sensitive skin it could be used also for washing your face. I am applying this oil on my face, gently massaging it into the skin and then using cotton pads and  I am washing it off with Sensibio H20. Although it sounds complicated, but it works for me ;-).

TravelEssentials22. Deep hydration.

When my face is clean, I’ll apply moisturizing or hydrating mask. It sounds weird, but if the masks you are going to apply don’t have any particular color, no one would actually notice it. Taking into account the dry air in the plane your skin will absorb the mask very quickly, leaving you with a bit sticky face. I would leave it like that and clean my face again at the end of the flight before applying my makeup.

Blue Lagoon Mineral mask – this is deeply hydrating mask, it is perfect for flying! I’ve bought this mask while being in Iceland last October and since that I’ve tried many other Blue Lagoon masks and products. If you are interested – please see my blog post about Blue Lagoon here ;-).

Sisley eye contour mask – as a fun of Sisley cosmetic, I love their masks! Yes, this one is pricy, but it lasts for almost a year!

Revitalising Supreme Global Anti-aging Mask Boost – I’ve got this mask sample recently and because you can’t see this mask on the skin, I decided to take it with me in addition to Blue Lagoon mask. This one helps your skin to look more fresh and will give a firming effect (although I don’t need firming effect at my age, but for the flight when your skin is feeling dehydrating it is great).

TravelEssentials33. Preparing your skin for the makeup or no-makeup look :-).

La Roche-Posay Hydraphase Intense Riche – although I have a combination skin type, during the heating season it feels dry and dehydrated. Hyaluronic acid always helps to restore the hydration level in my skin. Therefore 30 min before the landing I would apply this cream as a make up base and believe me even if your skin is oily, you’ll notice that during the flight the skin absorbs it immediately.

SkinCeuticals eye balm – because the eye balm/ cream is usually only 15 ml, I am taking the one that I am currently using. SkinCeuticals is actually great cosmetic brand, but difficult to buy for me – the only possibility is to order it online. You could check out my blog post about some SkinCeuticals products here ;-).

4. Real Essentials – Hand cream and lip balm!

At last but not least I’d like to emphasize that even during a short haul flight you’ll find in my bag 2 things: hand cream and lip balm. Always! I can’t live without these two beauty products.

Dr. Hauschka lip stick – it is my second lip stick from Dr. Hauschka and I love how it nourishes my lips. I would recommend it for the fall/ winter season, in my opinion for the warm season it is a bit heavy.

I also have Dr. Hauschka hand cream that I was going to take with me, but I can’t find it :-(. Probably, it is the sign that I need one more cream in my life ;-).

I hope my post was useful and you would use some tips in the future!

Cheers everyone!

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