My experience at New York Fashion week

TomFord_NYHello everyone!

I have just returned from New York where I had a unique opportunity to attend Tom Ford’s Fall 2018 menswear and womenswear runway shows. If you follow me on Instagram – you definitely noticed it, because I was very excited about both – New York and TF Fashion Shows 🙂 🙂 🙂

Many people wrote me that Tom Ford’s runway shows are the ones they would like to attend. I was actually surprised how many people love the designer (including myself), even thought only a few can actually afford to buy the clothes and accessories he designs.

In addition to the shows I had a chance to talk to TF team and I could tell you that the way they talk about Tom Ford is admirable, it is full of professional respect and appreciation of his talent.

TF brand is definitely one of the most luxurious and, of course, expensive brands. Not everyone could afford to wear it, but those who can afford and bought TF suit or dress, would appreciate the style, cut and fabric. Therefore TF has many loyal customers all over the world, also because the most stylish man in the world design the best clothing pieces ;-).

Someone has asked me – was it really worth to fly to New York to attend Fashion shows that last only about 10-15 minutes? It was definitely worth it! There is a huge difference to watch the show live on Instagram or in a record at home and actually being there. The feeling is amazing! The whole process from the moment of receiving an invitation, welcome at the venue, tasty glass of champagne before the show and, the most important, the show – was incredible! Moreover apart from fashion, New York is the city that everyone should visit at least once in their life. My next blog post will be devoted to this great city :-).

So, I’ve received an invitation to the runway shows on my first day in NYC.

TF_invitationAn invitation was accompanied with a bunch of wonderful flowers. P.S. Some of my friends thought that it was from my husband, but it was not ;-).

TF_invitation1Among TF brand customers are many celebrities, who has also attended the shows – actress Julianne Moore, model Kroes Doutzen, actress Elizabeth Banks, model Hailey Baldwin, model Rosie HW, model Karen Elson, singer and songwriter Ciara, actor Sebastian Stan, American football quarterback Russell Wilson and others.

At the men show I was assigned a seat in the front row! Do I need to say that I felt like celebrity? 😉

TF_venue1Below I am adding some looks from TF menswear and womenswear runway shows FW2018.

P.S. I apologise for the quality of some photos, but I thought it is better to put my own photos instead of professional ones that you could find on the internet :-).

Outwear looks. My favorite is lavender oversized turtle-neck sweater (in the middle).

Evening looks. Love these glossy jackets!

Surprise of the evening was TF underwear collection, it was not announced before and therefore was an absolute surprise for the audience. Also if you look carefully – every male model has TF watch and it was announced the next day that Tom Ford has launched a new line of exclusive timepieces.

I am definitely not an expert in men’s fashion, but even for me it was noticeable that TF collection was designed taking into account the preferences of choice of young people.

If the men’s runway show was kind of a traditional runway show, with a sense of a nostalgia for the late 80s,  than women’s runway show was inspired by genuine glamour of 80’s in a very ‘Fordian’ style. Womenswear collection was an explosion – the combinations of colorful animal prints, sparkling textures, huge earrings and logo-prints. The best part of the show was music, it gave a playful mood to everyone in the venue this evening – from models to audience and photographs. Have a look at the video below, because it is one of those rare videos with original music that brings me back to this evening.

Some looks from the runway show:

Animal prints are colorful, bright and, for sure, are going to become the hottest trend of the next FW18 season.

Leggings are back! Silver, animal-print or the combination of both!

If you are not ready for leopard-print leggings yet, try leather or silver leggings together with a small black dress or a long jacket.

To sum it up, I found out that menswear FW18 collection is more wearable than womenswear FW18 collection. It is my personal feeling about both collections. You have to be brave woman to wear such bold statement pieces, so it is definitely not for everyone. However maybe I am too conservative and I actually need red leopard print suit?!?! Who knows… 🙂 🙂 🙂

At the end of the shows TF went to greet the audience and there was a chance to greet him personally 😉

On top of all this, I can’t mention young model Kaia Gerber (in the middle on the pictures above), the daughter of Cindy Crawford. She is stunning! Even if you don’t know how she looks like, you will notice her on the runway, because the way she moves is so gorgeous. I’ve read (probably in Russian Vogue) that Kaia Gerber is the better version of her mother. Although I really like Cindy Crawford, I couldn’t agree more with this statement :-).

Have a look at the Tom Ford womenswear FW18 runway show below. Enjoy!

Cheers everyone!


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  1. Wow! You got the chance to visit the Tom Ford show 😍 Luckylucky you! That is goals xx

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