Product empties: March 2018

EmptiesHello my beauty lovers!

It is time for the next product empties series :-). I have some products that I’d like to recommend you and the others that are not worth spending your money on. I like these empties posts because you get really useful information from the person who used the product. So, let’s start with the hair products.

Empties1Dry shampoos – I am using dry shampoo every second day, but because my skin is very sensitive I have to be very careful with products I choose. Experiments usually fail in this area :-(.

Klorane dry shampoo – I wrote a review about it (check it here), and this is still the best dry shampoo I’ve ever used! Definitely recommend you – they have different  dry shampoos for different hair types and colors.+++

Gosh dry shampoo for dark hair type –  For me this one is too synthetic 😦 Moreover, when I washed my hair afterwords – too much color washes off from my hair. Klorane’s shampoo is 100% better! –

Framesi bodyfying mousse – volumizing mousse from Italian brand boosts your hair volume, has a nice smell and does the job very well. +++

Framesi Shine light oil – I’ve used it in the evenings before going to bed. While it nourishes your hair during the night, you need to take into account that you have to wash your hair the next morning. It makes my hair look oily, but this is the case with this type of product. Please, let me know if you tried the oil/ dry oil that didn’t make your hair look oily.++

Make-up empties:

Empties2Lip sticks:

Givenchy – the worst lip gloss I’ve ever used. Moreover taking into consideration the price point, it is absolute failure. Except the color I can’t mention anything that I liked about it – the application brush is terrible, it doesn’t last and has sticky effect on the lip… It is not worth even half amount of money it costs! 😦 –

YSL lip stick – it actually more a lip gloss than a lip stick, it moisturises your lip (that I liked!), but it is not a long lasting lip stick and thus, you have to reapply it several times during the day. But if you are ok with it, go for it! 😉 +

Lip care sticks – I am always using them! I prefer richer formulas for winter (Dr. Hauschka lip stick)  and more lighter versions with SPF for warmer time (La Roche Posay 50+).  Both of these lip care sticks are great! ++

Yves Rocher Brow Pencil – my favorite brow pencil for many years! Very soft and the color is so natural – it is unbelievable how brand that is not specialising particularly on make-up could make such an amazing product! Love this and definitely recommend! +++

Giorgio Armani High Precision Brow Pencil – if one day you’ll decide to buy very expensive eyebrow pencil, this is it ;-). But here the quality comes along with the price. The pencil have dual ended design for precise brow application, that allows you to apply it precisely and without additional effort. The drawback of the pencil is that if you use it every day it will last max 3 months, while the other pencils I use for about a year. ++


Hand creams and random empties:

Empties3During the fall/ winter season the most used cosmetic product for me is hand cream – I have always several different creams at the same time – one mini version in my handbag, one quick-absorbing cream in my office and one hand cream with the rich formula is always near my bed.

Dr. Hauschka Hydrating Hand Cream (nourishes, renews and protects) – this season’s favorite! This cream was the winner of Natural Health International Beauty Award 2016. It really nourishes your hands’ skin and doesn’t leave the oily or sticky effect. I’m definitely going to repurchase it! ++

Extreme repair hand cream manuka honey IAA15+ – while Dr. Hauschka’s hand cream is good for everyday use, if your hands’ skin are very dry, I suggest you to use something more nourishing. This cream with manuka honey is very nourishing, but you have to deal with the smell of manuka. Apart from this – the cream is great! ++

Bio-Oil – I think that this oil you can find in almost every bathroom! I was adding this oil to my body cream and I actually liked the result. I am not saying that this is amazing, but it is definitely good product! +

Maybelline gentle nail polish remover – while it removes nail polish very well, it leaves the skin & nails very dry too. From the price point of view it is ok, but I would not recommend this product. Actually if you could recommend me really good nail polish remover, I would be very grateful to you! 🙂 –

This is it for today! Cheers!

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