Transition your wardrobe into Spring 2018

Spring_inspirationHello, beauties!

Although the spring is not here yet, I feel it already ;-). I am so tired of the dark colors in the wardrobe, on the streets and of the dark days without sun in general, that I am looking forward to wearing bright or at least light colors. Even my favorite COS burgundy coat (that I’ve bought last October) seems to be gloomy right now and recall melancholic vibes…

So, this spring I am going to refresh the wardrobe with some pieces in pastel colors! Actually every spring the marketers play with our minds and every season we become obsessed with particular colors. The pastels work best in the spring and advertisers know it quite well. I don’t mind – I really need springtime emotions right now! 🙂

I love several trends that I’d like to implement into my wardrobe this spring/ summer season! Today about 3 of them (apart from the fact that all the trends are in pastels) :-).

  1. Pants suit

First of all, it is pastel tone pants suit. Pink is one of the option and also suitable for my cool tone skin:

The other option is the pants suit in light blue color:

But my favorite is the following pants suit in so trendy this year lavanda color from Mango:


      2. Mules or the shoes with crazy heels’ design

The second trend that I’d like to implement is mules or the shoes with crazy heels’ design! Although it was trendy already in the previous spring/summer seasons, I’ve decided that I need them only now :-). Many options that I like are available in different price categories and also in different colors!!!

Heel leather mules from Mango: LOVE IT!

Leather flat mules from Bally: Definitely an investment, but looks great and will elevate the whole look!

Leather slipper from Gucci: this is classic shoes!

Geometric heel suede shoes from Mango: An awesome color!

3. Eye-catching bag

Trendy spring 2018 bags are available in myriad shapes and sizes. Therefore I think it is not a problem to find an unusual design bag that will make you look fashionable and in trend this season!

Have a look at this bag from Yuzefi: You’ll be definitely noticeable with it!

Or this one from Carolina Santo Domingo:


This bag is also available in other colors, but I love the white one:

How not to become overwhelmed with information about new season’s trends???

In fact there are many trends that you can follow without even investing money, because most of us have these trendy things in our wardrobe from previous seasons. The key here – how to wear them in the new season in order to look fashionable?!? Well, invest some time and check out some websites that sell the latest designers’ collections:

I would not suggest you to search for the looks on Pinterest, because there you’ll find different looks from the different seasons that people like, not only the latest fashion trends.  However you can use Pinterest as a second step when you already know what are the trends of the season.

However if you wish to spend some money, refresh your wardrobe with a few fashionable staples, like I am going to do ;-).

I hope my post will inspire your to implement some current trends into your wardrobe!




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