Sisley Black Rose – Oil, Cream, Mask

Sisley_Rose_NoireHello, beauty lovers!

It is not a secret that I love Sisley skin care products! And I’ve already done 2 posts about the products I use from Sisley, but it is time to a small update :-).

I’ve noticed recently that my skin type changing – from oily to more combination and even dry in some areas. On the one hand, I am happy not to be super shiny at the end of the day. On the other hand, I need to deal with dryness of my skin…

The solution to that problem came to me in the bottle of wonderful oil – Sisley Black Rose Precious Oil. Although it seems to be a very small bottle (with only 25 ml, while the price is very high), I am using it almost every evening for at least 4 months already! You need a little bit of product (I use 3-4 drops) to apply on your face & neck. When I have time, I am gently massaging the oil into my skin for about 5-10 minutes and apply night cream afterwards.

Sisley_Rose_Noire1I am also having Sisley Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream, but you can apply any other cream after the oil in order to get the results. The oil prepares the skin for the next step – therefore your usual cream will work better. In addition, the oil has wonderful smell, that makes your night routine really enjoyable.

Sisley Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream – I still don’t understand is it night or day cream?!? Also I like how my skin feels after this cream application, there are 2 things that confuse me:

  1. For the night cream it is too light. I would usually go for something more nourishing. However in combination with the Black Rose Oil, this cream works great.
  2. For the day cream it lacks the protection (against free radicals, SPF, pollution etc.). Therefore I am applying this cream as a day cream when (1) I am staying at home or when (2) I apply foundation with SPF protection afterwards.

If you have used Sisley Black Rose cream – please share your thoughts, it would be very useful!

Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask – this mask is awesome! With the anti-aging properties, I feel how it nourishes my skin! If I have a bad skin day, but I have to look great – this mask is a real helper.

For instance, when I was at New York Fashion week in February – because of time differences I felt really exhausted, especially in the evenings (at the time of the shows) and Black Rose mask helped me to look great 3 evening in a row! Really recommend it!

Check out my blog post about the Sisley masks I love here: Sisley skin care – my guilty pleasure :-). Actually, I am still using the same masks (ok, it is almost finished, but still!). Therefore, I think that some Sisley skin care products (like masks, oils, eye creams) are definitely worth investment if you are using it that long.

Cheers everyone!



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