Why do you need to invest in high-quality makeup brushes

Zoeva_bruhesHello beauties!

At one point I’ve decided that it is time to invest in really good makeup brushes. But I was so overwhelmed with different type of brushes and brands, that it took me about a year to decide what to choose. However I am glad I did a research before my purchase, because I am very satisfied with what I finally got!

I am not a makeup artist, therefore I am sure I don’t know many tricks & tips that makeup artist knows. However, if makeup artist have hundreds of different brushes, it doesn’t mean that we have to own all of them for the personal use. But good set of makeup brushes, is essential for creating not only evening makeup look, but also for everyday look creation.

I know this from my own experience, because before I was using only few brushes that mostly was far away from the quality of my current brushes. In addition to brushes, I was using the small sponges for eyeshadow application. Not very sophisticated, I know :-). I was always thinking that it is too complicated to compose the set of good brushes by myself. Also most of the luxury/ professional brands sell only individual brushes or sets for professional use, that are both too expensive options :-(.

ZOEVA offers many different sets and, of course, sells individual brushes – this allows you to create your own collection of high-quality brushes for the reasonable price.

ZOEVA Rose Golden Complete Set Vol.1 – the set that I’ve bought for myself. It features 15 luxurious brushes for the face and eyes, There are brushes to buff in foundation, contour, concealer & highlighter, under-eye concealer; shade and contour the lids; smudge eyeliner and blend pigment along the lash line.

Zoeva1In the set there are synthetic and natural bristles’ brushes. I am not going to discuss social issues that concerns natural brushes. Instead, I’d like to mention the main differences in application between the two types of brushes. Synthetic brushes tend to work best with liquid and cream products, but natural brushes are the best ones to work on with pigments, natural brushes also allow for more control and precision when applying. So, my point is that you have to have both types of brushes for achieving the best results.

Since I’ve bought the set with 15 brushes for face and eyes, now I have a room for experiments 😉 It is not a rocket science (it’s only 15 brushes 🙂 ), you just need to practice and understand which brush works best with particular product. Of course, there are brushes that I use every day and there are some that I use only for creating several looks.

But I could say that after starting to use ZOEVA brushes, my makeup seems to be more professional and it lasts longer! So, it is definitely worth the time I’ve invested in research and the money I’ve spend on those brushes! In addition, during the last months I’ve mastered my makeup skills, that make me particularly proud about myself 😉

Zoeva2Each ZOEVA brush has a number, that is easy if you are searching for particular brush or recommending it to someone. Also I like that on every brush you’ll find the purpose of it – Blush, Powder, Eye liner etc. This could make your life easier, especially at the beginning! If you are not a make up artist, some brushes may look similar to you, while their purpose may be different. Thank you, ZOEVA, for defining the purpose of the brushes on the handles, otherwise I would struggle with it and ended up using only few brushes that I used to use!

My set came in a nice chocolate brown pouch with gold ZOEVA logo. While I don’t need this pouch at home, when I am travelling this one (I am sure) will become my favorite travel bag for my makeup tools.

ZoevaWhat are your favorites brushes? How many of them you use on everyday basis? Would love to know it!

Cheers 😉


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  1. One hundred percent agree with you! Lovely post. Good makeup brushes are more important the spending tons of money on product, the tool and application technique are what will make your makeup look professional!

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