Everyday makeup @Tom Ford edition

TF_makeupHello, my beauty lovers!

As a big fun of Tom Ford beauty products, today I’d like to share some of my TF faves that I use almost every day!


First of all, it is foundation. I’m still using Tom Ford Traceless Foundation stick (my color is fawn) that I really like! But now, when it is sunny all day long, in addition to your foundation think about SPF protection. For instance, I am using TF foundation stick on top of my Bioderma Hydrabio Perfecteur SPF30. I hope that one day TF will make  foundation or at least BB/CC cream with SPF protection 😉  Foundation_FawnApplication tip: I suggest you to apply this stick foundation right after the day cream, in this way the coverage will look more natural.


When the foundation is applied, I’m always doing my brows. I like the combination of brow pencil and brow gel. With the brow pencil I’m correcting the form of my brows, while with the brow gel I’m fixing the created form. Meanwhile there are many good brow pencils on the market, Tom Ford brow gel is absolutely awesome and is the best that I’ve used so far!

TF_makeup3Actually I run out of my TF brow products a week ago 😦 and I’m currently waiting for my order with brow pencil & Fiber brow gel inside:-). But because I was using it all the time, I think it is fair to include them in my everyday TF makeup routine. My color is taupe, that suits many Eastern European women with dark blonde hair and pale skin._9295323T3W2_TAUPE_OS_A


For the eyes I usually choose to apply eye shadows, because I love how they change my look. The application of eye shadows is key and I’m very happy that I’ve bought my Zoeva brush set, that changed dramatically my eye makeup ;-). If you are interested in more details, check out my blog post that I’ve write about Zoeva brushes some time ago here.

TF_makeup1When it comes to the eye color choice, I’m very conservative. I love brown shades, that look very natural almost on every woman, and gives the eyes a definition that emphasise  natural beauty. I have two TF eye quads (ok, some of you may say that those are quite similar, but believe me – they are absolutely different 😉 ).

First in a color COCOA MIRAGE and second in a color GOLDEN MINK compliment each other, one has matte finish and the other gives a shimmering effect. Cocoa Mirage is great for a day time makeup, meanwhile Golden Mink is great for a night out occasions. But, of course, you could mix & match them for creating different looks.



I was always in love with nude lipsticks, I love how great nude lipsticks look on others, but not on me :-(. Probably because I have a pale skin tone, every time I tried to wear nude lipstick I look sick and tired.. But when I tried this TF lipstick, everything went right – it is the great nude tone for my skin tone – TF nailed how to make the right nude color for different skin tones! Actually, the secret is simple – the nude color should be darker than I used to call ”nude”!

My color is 33 Universal Appeal from the “LIP COLOR MATTE“. Although it has a matte finish, you feel it moisturising features. When I want to add a little bit more shine to the final look, I use rich nourishing lip balm as a first layer.

Cheers and I would love to see you on my Instagram or Facebook :-).


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