My favorites of the month – JUNE’18

D1A4FEB4-C9FD-4F68-A690-E1A58991B6C7 Hello everyone!

June was a vacation month for me 🙂 It was full of different type of adventures and long haul flights. We went to United States this time and visited sunny California with some other places nearby. Therefore my June favorites will be about Travel essentials – the things that helped me to plan the trip and actually stick to this plan afterwards 😉 and, of course, my travel fashion & beauty favorites 😉

  1. California travel guide from Lonely Planet

This book is awesome! Seriously! I was lucky to pick up the book that was just updated (February 2018) and all the information was very up-to-date (except minor price increase that experienced Death Valley tickets in June 2018). Restaurants recommendations were great – they even managed to guide you what to order :-).

I have used Travel book from Lonely Planet when I went to Iceland last year and it was also very helpful. Therefore I highly, highly recommend Lonely Planet travel books for planning your trips!!! You invest some money in the book, but you get unique suggestions about places to visit, where to eat, where to sleep etc. – basically they give you all the information needed to feel like a local in a foreign country 😉 Therefore it is definitely worth the investment!

2. Capsule wardrobe

I do not follow Capsule wardrobe principles (not yet 😉 ), but it is so useful when you are on vacation! The fact that you wear your clothes over and over again don’t bother me at all unless I’m in love with these clothes. My suggestion is to create a small but creative(!) vacation capsule wardrobe, the amount of items included in your capsule may vary depending on your preferences and lifestyle. Start early – 2-4 weeks before vacation I’m already starting to prepare my capsule:

  • At the beginning I create my dream capsule that combines my wishlist with real clothes that I have in my closet. For instance, my vacation capsule mood board this year looked like this:


  • Then I decide what I really need to buy/ update for this season and order it online (yes, I’m a big fan of online shopping 🙂 ). While searching for missing items online or in store,  it is important to stick with your list. If you can’t find something – ask yourself do you really need the item like this immediately or maybe you can wait until you find it in a perfect fit/ color/ quality/ acceptable price? Sometimes I end up without buying anything new with the hope to find something amazing later. However I make sure that I have basic stuff with me, this prevents unnecessary purchases and I feel more confident to buy items for my wardrobe that I love 100%.
  • I try not to wear most of the items from my vacation capsule till the actual vacation – in this way they all seems new to me, that makes me happy in some way 😉
  • Several days before the trip I check my capsule one more time and wash, steam items if necessary to get them ready.

3. Must-have vacation beauty – travel-size products

Keep it simple, but make sure you have everything that you would potentially need. Look for sample sizes, this is particularly helpful if you are travelling only with hand luggage.

Absolute must-have for me is sunscreen! I usually take few of my favorites (just in case I run out of one of them;-) ) – one for body, one for face that I could use under my makeup and one for the beach days. I wrote the post recently about my sun protection routine and why we need to protect our skin, please check it out here: All you need to know about sunscreens!

4. Good book to read

Hmm… this is definitely important position. However this time I didn’t manage to read even one page:-(. I was so busy with planning the trip than ever before. In return we managed to visit so many beautiful places during our trip! I’m glad that I’ve spent so much time reading travel blogs, reviews, etc. – it was definitely worth it!

But I managed to read a few books when I returned back home during the night time while experiencing jet lag problems 😉

P.S. By the way, have you ever experienced jet lag problems? If you are, please send me some tips and remedies of jet lag, because it was so difficult for me to get back on track after this California trip :-(.

Cheers everyone!

















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  1. OH I’m so glad you got to travel this past June, that’s exciting! I would love to go to California someday and I love Lonely Planet’ travel guides, I always buy these whenever I go on a trip, they’re so useful 😀

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