The mystery of San Francisco

SF_TwinPeaksHello everyone!

It’s almost a month since I came back home from US and finally I’m ready to write a blog post about one of the cities we visited. Today’s story is about great San Francisco! I knew SF mainly from the movies, all of those were mystery action movies. I was told that SF has perfect weather for this type of movies – it is dark, rainy and fog is there almost all the time 🙂 LOL. Well this is true! Nevertheless our travel experience in San Francisco was absolutely different from what I was imagined and heard before ;-).

It was sunny! All 4 days that we were there! The locals admitted that it was exceptional weather that is really rare. We were so lucky to catch it! But even taking into account the great weather we experienced, I suggest you to dress in layers, because the weather may change during the day. Moreover it may be different in different parts of the city, actually it may vary +/- 10 degree C!

Below I’m sharing my favourite parts of the city that is 100% worth visiting:

  • Twin Peaks
  • Golden Gate Bridge
  • Golden Gate Park & Japanese Tea Garden
  • Lombard Street
  • Alamo Square & Painted ladies

There are, of course, many other great places to explore, but I’ve picked 5 that are absolutely stunning and unique! Let’s start!

Twin PeaksTwinPeaksGo there early in the morning to see the sunrise – it is absolutely incredible! There is something mysterious in the combination of fog and early morning sun! Taking into consideration that foggy mornings are kind of standard thing in SF, I’m pretty sure you’ll catch it there 😉

Golden Gate bridge SF_bridgeSan Francisco signature landmark – Golden Gate bridge – was designed by two architects Gertrude & Irving Murrow and engineer Joseph B Strauss. The bridge became the favorite photo spot of local and foreign photographers and one of the main tourist attractions in SF. Although the locals and travel guides will tell you that you may enjoy it from the distance, for the full experience I suggest you to drive or walk 2-mile span and visit the opposite side of the bridge. The views of the bridge are stunning from either side, but absolutely different! SanFrancisco

Golden Gate Park & Japanese Tea GardenGoldenGateParkGolden Gate Park is huge! You have to choose the part of the park that you’d like to visit, otherwise it will take too much time to get from one place to another. Renting a bike is a brilliant idea! 😉 The area around Conservatory of flowers is really nice to have a picnic and relax after a long day.

I’m definitely recommending to visit Japanese Tea Garden. The entrance will cost you about $9, but you’ll see the most beautiful and well-kept Japanese garden!!! I felt in love with this garden from the very beginning! It will give you energy and Japanese vibes for the rest of your day (or even trip)! Definitely try Japanese specialities in the garden’s tea house (like green tea ice cream!).


Lombard StreetSF_LombardyLombard street is one of the most crookedest streets in the world! If you are going to rent a car in the SF, make a scenic drive through the Lombard street! Although there are plenty of tourists, this place deserves to be explored!

In addition the view from the top of the Lombard street is incredible:SF_Lombardy_view

Alamo Square & Painted ladiesAlarmo_square1Alamo square park initially wasn’t on my “must see” list, but I’m happy that somehow I managed to get there because this place is really special! It is hilltop park that means by definition that there is a view! And this view is stunning! The only thing to consider – the weather, it could be quite windy here. Therefore, as I’ve mentioned before – dress in layers ;-).

Painted ladies – is the name of Victorian mansions painted in different colors along Alamo Square Park’s eastern side. The houses were built between 1892 and 1896 and since than it is sometimes called as “Postcard Row” because it appears very frequently in media, ad, TV and movies.

Alarmo_squareThe last but not least, I’d like to mention SF Cable car system – real vintage public transport – that was invented in 1873 and is still there!!! It is the world’s last manually operated cable cars, therefore don’t miss it while in SF and enjoy the ride!

Cheers! Would love to know what are your favorite places in San Francisco! 🙂






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  1. Looks great! Would love to go there some time 🙂


  2. I’m a SF local and I love Baker Beach, it’s next to the Golden Gate Bridge so you get to enjoy the view of the ocean and the bridge!

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  3. Oh, great tip! Thank you 😉


  4. The picture of you at Twin Peaks is incredible! I’m glad you had a nice time in SF. I lived there for a few years and miss it greatly.

    Liked by 1 person

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