How to match a watch with your outfit & discount code

Capitola_fashion4Hello everyone!

It is so hot these days that all the thoughts are only about the beach & the sea 🙂 I’m not complaining (even thought I have to go to work) because I have a chance to wear my beautiful summer dresses!!! And, of course, the accessories are key to the great summer look, thus today I’m reviewing the watch from Spanish brand Capitola.

Capitola_fashion1I love investment pieces that will make me happy for many years to come, but when it comes to summer accessories I want something more simple, fashionable and stylish at the same time (and reasonably priced!). The reason for that is the different events, like summer festivals, concerts, beach parties we all love to attend and I don’t want to worry about ruining my accessories while being there. Moreover I need something that will go well with colors in my summer wardrobe and there are a lot of colors this season;-)!

Capitola watches are absolutely perfect for that – their bands are interchangeable and their price is more than acceptable to change it (I mean bands, not watch :-)) every season. I’ve ordered 2 nylon bands at the moment – blue & white and khaki. When it comes to the fall/ winter season I’m going to change my nylon bands to the leather or mesh, but we’ll see later, because I’m currently in love with my nylon bands. This is a beauty of having a watch different almost daily, due to the ease of exchanging their bands! Depending on your lifestyle you may choose different bands – one that will go well with your work outfits and another that will look great with more relaxed style. I think that it is not necessary to match a watch with your outfit – a watch may be a bright fashionable accessory that will spice the whole look!

Capitola_fashion5For my friends and lovely followers Capitola watches offers 15% discount on your order with the code: BAUMANOLLY.

There are many options to choose from – I’ve spent several days thinking about the color of bands I’d love to buy 😉 However all the colors actually look beautiful on sun kissed skin! Have a look at Capitola Instagram page for inspiration 🙂 And if you are not following me on Instagram – I would love to see you there 🙂


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