Conscious Fashion Choices

Fashion_choicesHello guys!

Today’s topic is about conscious fashion choices that we could make in order to decrease the tremendous negative impact that fast fashion has on our lives and fashion habits.

Why we love fast-fashion brands?

On the one hand, I see many positive things – nowadays everyone could afford fashionable items, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on these hot items, because Zara, H&M, Primark and other fast-fashion brands are copying them very quickly. And voila – every two weeks you could buy clothes from new collections that was inspired by the designers’ latest fashion shows!

Why fast-fashion is a problem?  

On the other hand, it seems to be endless fashion marathon, that never ends. You need to go shopping at least every 2 weeks, because high-street fashion brands change their collections almost every week and what was trendy just few weeks ago now is replaced by something new. Basically it means – if you are used to fast-fashion, you can’t be happy – you are always one step behind the current trends (unless you are shopping several times a month).

Price per wear

Even before I started to analyze what is wrong with fast fashion brands, I’ve noticed that after wearing their clothes for a season or even a few times, I’m not reaching for those items anymore. They seems to be “previous season” to me. I can hardly remember the fast fashion items that stayed in my wardrobe longer than two seasons. Therefore if we calculate the price per wear for me it will probably be higher for fast fashion items. Have you ever calculated price per wear? I figured out that the price per wear is less for more expensive items in my wardrobe. It means that buying better quality item, actually makes sense!

Fashion_choices2Fast fashion sustainable fashion lines

However after being blamed for unconscious approach to business, some fast-fashion brands made step ahead and introduced organic and conscious fashion lines. The quality of those items are way much more better, although it is reflected in the price, this price is still affordable for most people. Also those items are usually in basic, neutral colors and have classic and simple silhouettes.

I’ve picked this H&M jeans from their conscious line recently and I’m glad I did! The fit, the fabric and overall quality are absolutely great for the price of only EUR 40. I’m usually avoiding shopping at H&M, but conscious line caught my attention. Look at them – their quality is so different from the ones we used to see at fast-fashion brands like H&M.


I love the simple style of the jeans and unfinished hem details. And I’m happy to support sustainable clothing line, I think it is a right way to go for fast-fashion industry.

Fashion_choices1Since I’ve started to follow the rule “buy it if you like it 100%” about 2 years ago, I noticed that I don’t reach for fast-fashion brands anymore, because if I like the fit & color there almost always is the problem with fabric & quality :-(. In turn, conscious lines produced more mindfully, providing consumers with a better quality garments at affordable price.

Although fast-fashion brands introduced conscious lines, their offer of sustainable fashion items is very limited. Thus below I’m sharing some brands that focus their production on fair practices, organic fabric and affordable price:

Everlane – they partner with ethical factories around the world and source only the finest materials. Every second month they offer free international shipping, so if you sign up to their newsletter – you’ll be notified about it ;-).

People Tree – they produce their goods  ethically and sustainably, it is a great alternative to fast fashion.

ASOS Recycled denim and ASOS Eco Edit – along with H&M ASOS started paying attention to sustainability and their Eco edits are actually amazing! Definitely check it out 😉

Veja – Environmentally friendly sneakers (!!!), made with raw materials sourced from organic farming and ecological agriculture, without chemicals or polluting processes! This brand is my current favorite! The problem is that I don’t really need sneakers at the moment 😦 :-( :-(.

What is your thoughts about fast-fashion? Do you have in mind ethical and sustainable fashion brands? Please write a comment and share it with me!

Cheers 😉




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  1. I love this post! I’ve never heard about that section of ASOS and I’m definitely going to go check it out now.

    xo Logan

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m glad you found something useful in my post! Asos also have market place – where you can buy vintage & pre-loved items 😉


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